Bill Barr says Trump's adult children can not be expected to think for themselves

Yeah, I wouldn’t call them responsible adults either. Not that it matters for the court.


… when the previous ?atriarch dies

The Windsors just acted it out for us :crown:


I always feel like I need to do some throat-clearing when I carve out a position that’s a half standard deviation less outraged about Trump than average around here, but I’ll say it anyway: I can’t stand the guy at all.

I’ve done enough Project Finance as a lawyer to know a bit of real estate and one of the endless boasts about “The Trump Organization” in the pre-running for POTUS, Apprentice-era Trump was that it was made of “hundreds of companies.” But Real Estate projects are themselves often made of dozens of LLC and LP and C Corps for both (i) tax planning and (ii) bankruptcy remoteness. The land might owned by a different entity than the property – golf operations may be under a separate entity than the hotel or the restaurant – parking could exist in a different entity. It’s all a way to (legally) minimize certain tax burdens and depreciate assets and all the rest.

That stuff takes careful planning and meticulous record keeping. I don’t believe for a moment that Trump thinks of himself and his money and his company as distinct entities – he’s a narcissist, so there’s him… and the rest of the universe which revolves around him – but my guess is his company lawyers and tax planners and accounts very much do.

So, again, a pox on the whole family but legally these things may remain distinct.

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I’m with you right up to the last line there. New York investigated the practices of the Trump Org, of which the Trump kiddos were officers. It wasn’t Donald J Trump’s individual practices that James is going after; it’s the whole company including officers. The CFO has already plead guilty and cooperated with the investigation. Donjr, Eric, and Ivanka aren’t on the list because of some vendetta agaist the whole family, it’s because they each pulled the same shit as their dad in their individual actions within the company.

If they had actions they signed off on that they didn’t do or were pressured to make, then they will have their day in court to prove it, but they will have to throw their old man under the bus to do so. But given their own perfectly public attitudes and actions, it’s clear that cheating is something they are entitled to do, regardless of how it affects others.


It’s been pointed out that this entire fraud case against the Trumps likely wouldn’t have gone public at all if Trump hadn’t paid for the silence of one Stormy Daniels.

Talk about an expensive one-night-stand. Even his children are going to be stuck paying for it.



The storm took a while but it’s here.


If I was ever going to be arrested for being an abusive guardian…


Has the arc of Greek Tragedy, except this guy deserves what’s coming.


Yeah, that Venn diagram is just a circle… with a big swastika inside it.


Yeah, so damn many people who believe in the myth and enable it, thinking, “Someday I’ll get mine because I deserve it,” and “I don’t have mine - because, I guess, unlike these other people, I don’t deserve it.” Just world fallacy strikes again.

He really is the exemplar of fictional worth. Reading about his finances back in 2015, it was eye-opening, even though what came out was pretty superficial. It was clear he didn’t have any real money of his own, everything was part of his businesses, even the trappings of wealth. He just used them for his personal benefit whenever he could (regardless of legality). What’s become clear since is that his businesses are, on the whole, worth nothing (i.e. less than he owes) and have been for a very long time. His life is a shell game, shuffling things around to avoid his debt dragging everything down, kept afloat by financial institutions that occasionally pretend that his fictions are true and things are worth what he claims they are. Even though clearly they’re not. I’ve had a lot of, “I knew capitalism was fucked up, but I didn’t know it was this fucked up” moments, thanks to him.

Honestly, not even then, entirely. Like I said, people still sometimes act like Donnie himself isn’t an adult. (I mean, in some senses he isn’t - emotionally, intellectually - but…) To some degree the idea that it’s not really fair to hold him responsible for his actions permeates much of the discourse around him. His (ostensible) wealth and privilege create a layer of anti-accountability around him that means he’s never fully treated like an adult (in the way in which everyone else lives their lives).

Someone must have written extensively about the infantilizing effects of privilege, because it sure does seem to be a thing along multiple axes - male, white, heterosexual, rich…


I don’t even remember how many years into his presidency we were still being told to wait for him to grow into the role.

Meritocracy is a name like aristocracy or theocracy – it always refers to how it is being sold rather than who is actually in charge.


They sure had no problem attacking Biden’s kid.


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Well, Bill, if the Trump spawn are not competent to stand trial then they’re certainly not competent to run the family syndicate. Who’s the nearest leaf on the family tree that’s not rotten?


Yep, and if they didn’t understand the business, they shouldn’t be VPs.

The argument that Trump has been using is that everyone in NY does this (inflating square footage). So the kids had to have known that daddy was crooked and cooking the books. They enjoyed all the trappings that came with the job and being a Trump. Time to pay the piper.


Well, they are all complete morons, so thinking for themselves i kinda hard for them…


Beat me to it.

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Barr trying to curry favor for the upcoming Ivanka administration?

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Ah the party of personal responsibility. The same party that is cool with the mentally disabled being on death row.