Bill Murray to open 'Caddyshack' restaurant near Chicago


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And we know the dessert menu already


Will I get a bowl of soup if I buy a hat?


Not the same without Rodney Dangerfield providing the entertainment though.


No, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.


If you can’t decide between the hot dog and hamburger, you’ll get nothing … and like it!


If there’s not roasted varmint on the menu, his life is a failure.


Rosemont is a quaint village to the northwest of Chicago adjacent to a small regional airport called O’Hare. It has done an admirable job of turning itself into the convention center people who have to be in Chicago but don’t really want to be in Chicago can stay in and never leave. It’s got an outlet mall, a Toby Keith bar, 284 Chilis/TGI Fridays variants, and best of all you never actually have to go to Chicago. Now that the Caddyshack restaurant is going to be there, the planned Happy Gilmore bar & grill is going to have to reevaluate its business model, though.

“We had the best time at the insurance convention last week in Chicago!”

Oh, did you go to the Art Institute or see the lakefront?

“No, but we ate six bloomin’ onions and I got a great purse at the Coach outlet!”


Always room for one more celebrity restaurant.

[note sarcasm]


I wish them luck but it seems like their potential target audience may have peaked a while back. How many people under 40 have even seen Caddyshack?


Don’t forget Da Mini Mayor, Bradley A. Stephens, who makes $50k/year more than Da Real Mayor of Chicago [4,200 pop vs 2.7mm]).

You know, it’s tough work keeping all 4,300 people who live there happy. Just ask Stephens’ dad (RIP), who built up Rosemont from cow pie burb to Mob’d up wonderland as the only mayor in the first 50ish years.


“There is no god.” -Fred


Each table should have a whack-a-mole game available.


It’s the older folk who have the money. They likely know Caddyshack, and have disposable income.


I still say if I were to patronize a 1980s-Bill-Murray-movie-themed dining establishment it would more likely be a “Dave & Ghostbusters.”


People who like eating the same food over and over could patronize a ‘Groundhog Day’ restaurant.


So, he’s got that goin’ for him, which is nice.


Just like Murray’s hometown of Wilmette.


As much as I enjoy Caddyshack I can’t help but wonder what sort of hell it must be to work there when you have to listen to every single aging white dude repeat the movie’s well known lines to you with a big expectant grin on their face and you have to play along like no one has graced you with their awful Rodney Dangerfield/Ted Knight/Bill Murray impression today.

Maybe it’s not as bad as that.


Probably about the same as working at a “Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company.”