Billionare GOP donor Koch dumps DeSantis for Haley

The deceased brother was a patron of high-culture venues (e.g. the ballet theatre at Lincoln Center) of the sort where the skin and hair of the well-heeled audiences tend to be blindingly white. The judgmental and selective Lady Bountiful type of charitable giving is also part-and-parcel of the Robber Baron mentality described above.

Charles seems to be more the skinflint variety billionaire, the Mortimer Duke to David’s Randolph.


The thing to watch about the Koch Bro is that he frequently uses Americans for Prosperity to publicly state a position, while doing different things with other tentacles of the Kochtopus, especially through dark money ATM orgs that hide the source of the money.


Well let’s not also forget about the dismantling of the regulatory administrative state which they detest.


Possibly, possibly… I mean, Hitler loved his dog, so who knows?


Yes, but I excluded that because that’s the one economic policy that von Clownstick actually delivered on for them (to be fair, his gutting of agencies was probably too fast and chaotic even for them).

For example, Koch says that he’s against Trump, and yet, the advisory board of Trump/Heritage’s Project 2025 has quite a number of Koch-connected groups, especially FreedomWorks.


Is that a reference to the character David Choak in the TV show Upload?

David Choak | Upload Wiki | Fandom.

Edit to add: yeah, I guess that’s definitely what you’re referring to. Although I didn’t get that far in the series yet.

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