King Trump blasts DeSantis, Haley, and Christie: "NO LOYALTY"

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These guys ran hoping they’d get to be veep – and Trump is absolutely planning on taking someone like Tucker, Hannity, or Mike Flynn as his second. Telling a megalomaniac you want his job is a great way to move yourself up a few slots for the firing squads.


At least DeSantis and Haley—and Christie, to an even greater extent—appear to have learned what Trump neophytes like Alina Habba will soon learn: “loyalty” is a one-way street. Trump demands complete, unwavering fealty from his acolytes. In return, they get nothing except a near-guarantee they’ll be thrown overboard as soon as it’s convenient for Trump.


This creepy orange maniac wants subjects, not voters. The Rs have been courting the Birchers, knuckle draggers and psychos for decades. Now the monster has become the majority of the party and there seems to be no turning back. If Trump wins in 24 he will be Leader for Life (then maybe Barbi Trump or mb Dummy Jr. We will eventually long for an Eric Leader as a return to ‘normalcy’ (fewer pogroms, less cannibalism)


Have we come to terms with a scenario where he does not having a running mate? This is the guy who raw dogged his colonoscopy because being anesthetized would cede power to Mike Pence.


How do you say, “I want to be Dictator of the U.S.” without saying you want to be Dictator of the U.S?


How can anyone with half a brain cell read/hear his tirades and infantile insults think he is stable and should run the fucking country (again)?


Last I checked, he’s no longer president. (And thank goodness for that.)


The more I read of this the more of a self-own it is. He appointed Nikki Haley to be the UN Ambassador. That’s a pretty important posting. He chose to do that. He’s literally taking credit for helping DeSantis to get elected while at the same time saying how much he sucks. The guy he brags about helping to put into office.

It’s funny how everybody who Trump ever does anything for ends up turning on him in the end, isn’t it? His hand-picked attorneys general and other cabinet members, his lawyers, and even his vice president. All people that “turned on him”. All people he appointed, backed, endorsed, or otherwise chose for a role.

Clearly this means Trump either has a knack for somehow only finding Judases, or he’s an absolutely awful judge of character.

How he sees any of this as somehow reflecting well on him is a mystery to me.


I don’t think that he thinks that deeply on it. He reacts to stimuli, and reflects the shitty values of his base (I’m not saying that he doesn’t also believe the same things, he might, he also might not believe in anything other than gaining the most from everyone and everything around him in a hollow, transactional existence).

I think his tantrum points to his sense that the walls are closing in and he won’t be able to complete this election cycle. The other players, who have not been aiming for VP, but aiming to scoop up what’s left over after Trump collapses in the legal hell of his own making, are suddenly looking to Trump like they might pull it off. So he is trying to hurt them. No one is allowed to supersede Trump.

It’s never about things reflecting well on him, as you or I would see it. It’s always about attacking the biggest threat. He lives a life built on lies. He is always afraid.


There was some report that his daughter and Jared were hanging around him again. I wonder if he offered her the VP position.


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