Koch brothers pull plug on Nikki Haley, but she holds rally today as if she's the frontrunner

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I don’t think this is as big a deal as a lot of people are making it out to be. He’s not really an incumbent even if a lot of people are treating him that way and he still roundly trounced Haley in her own state.

Grover Cleveland probably wouldn’t have had anywhere near these numbers if our current system was in place when he ran for his second nonconsecutive term.


Well…one of them did, anyway. The other one has been dead almost 5 years. (yes, I know, there is another brother still alive, but he’s not involved in the organization)


He’ll be joining his brother soon.


I’m all in favor of anyone in the GOP doing whatever they can to weaken Trump’s candidacy regardless of their motivations. Right now, Biden isn’t campaigning well or enough and there is a very good chance he’d lose if the election were today.


I think she’s staying in the race in the hope that something will happen to cause Trump to drop out.


Any money he has to spend running against Nikki Haley is money he can’t spend running against Biden or can’t spend on his the personal legal problems he brought on himself, which are unrelated to any political campaign.


She says that like it’s a bad thing.

More like they overestimated their chances of dethroning Lord Dampnut; and they are probably rooting for financial/legal issues and/or health issues on his part [just like the rest of us].
I can think of no greater motivation for Democrats [and other normal people] to vote in droves this fall, than to take down Lord Dampnut again.

Maybe they used a Ouija board?


lol, good luck to any downballot Republicans… The RNC is now officially Trump’s personal piggy bank, and according to his daughter in law who was installed at the top, every penny of their dwindling cash will go to pay for Trump’s legal fees and whatever’s left might go towards his “campaign”. Anyone else running as a repub will need to come up with funding elsewhere.


I think it really comes down to a question of “are 40% of primary voters picking their preferred candidate like in a normal primary, or are they picking an alternative to Trump because they don’t want him to be president again?”

Unfortunately, we probably won’t find out until November, but it will be interesting to see how things pan out in major swing states if Haley remains in the race long enough.

There were four Koch brothers. Daddy Fred did a Fight Club / Hunger Games to select the two worst to carry on his legacy. Charles has his son Chase primed to carry on.

The Koch Bros kept themselves down the billionaires list by dividing the wealth between them. I don’t know what happened to David’s half, if it all went to his three children, or if there was a survivor shotgun clause passing control over to Charles. These people are paranoid about control ever passing to a less fanatical descendant.

Yes, I literally acknowledged there was still another living brother. He appears to be really into sailing and is not involved in the political foundation, which is what this post is about.


This, 100%. She is in the race to be the default nominee when, not if, Trump is convicted with an actual felony, or his decline becomes so very impossible to hide, or he has a jammer. At least one of these outcomes is almost certain in the next 9 months.

She’s in the running; she isn’t chair yet. Here’s hoping.

Oh look at you, all hot and bothered because yet another man jumped at a chance to splain an info-dump you never asked for.

Mansplaining Domitille Collardey GIF by Women's History


My understanding was that it was a fait accompli. I too am hoping the Trumps burn the RNC to the ground.

…But it isn’t. Why waste campaign money 9 months out from the election when what matters is the last few months?


He does have an actual day job outside of campaigning.


Hey now, if Trump could spend that much time golfing while having an actual day job, Biden can spend more time campaigning.


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