Humiliated Haley won't quit

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From today’s HCR post:

So even though she’s terrible, it’s kind of good that she’s sticking to the campaign.


So, odds on when she’s going to submit and get in line with the rest of the human centipede of Nazi sycophants and lie prostrate before the MAGAJesus?


When one of them gets the nomination.
I think she’s counting on him not making it to the general election, and having both the visibility of having been campaigning and the second most delegates makes her the obvious choice as a late replacement candidate.

Ideally, for her, he’ll get disqualified (through death or prison) before the nomination, and she can get the nomination promising pardons or his face on the $20 bill, but if he gets the nomination, full on support for him after the nomination would make her more palatable if he drops dead or out after that.


I think the medical term for a biological woman’s version of that organ is called “Skene’s glands,” not “prostate.”


The longer the GOP can keep tearing itself apart, the better for the rest of us.


Charles Koch suspended financing for her, too, which probably isn’t going to help matters much.


Her game plan is to stay in until Trump is convicted somewhere. (I owe @someguy a coke)
The NY criminal trial starts next month. So the first convictions will fall around summer.


He’s already got convictions, but ones with potential bite that somehow are only the signifigant ones are the ones coming.

Amazing how we got into this because there was the slightest hint that Hillary might have done something wrong with her email where now we have a candidate who has been convicted of multiple fraud counts, sexual assault, and has 91 more pending charges and people are all

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I don’t think she is, at least not with the same enthusiasm as most of the party. I maintain she’s in this race as a sort of palate cleanser so she can get back on the crony capitalist / corporate board circuit. As a former governor/UN Amabassador/minority/woman (but also milquetoasty capitalist), she’s exactly the right person for the Boards of Directors for Exxon or Tesla or Boeing (again) or Weyerhauser or Walmart or whatever. Being nominally (or at least relatively) anti-Trump makes it that much easier for her to get those gigs when Trump (inevitably) loses in the fall.


Count me among those (several above in this thread) who think she’s sticking with it just in case the Orange Menace gets convicted or disqualified or flees the country, leaving her as the last available option for the GOP.


When Trump loses the election to Biden, she can come back and say “I told you so” then she will run in 2028.


He personally hasn’t been convicted of felonies. His organization has been. He has 2 massive civil judgments against him. The New York cases alone have the potential sentence from 1-136 years depending on the number of counts convicted on, length of each sentence and whether the sentences run concurrently or consecutively.


Well she knows he commited treason against the united states, destroyed the dignity of the office(really? Goya? Diet soda button?) and sold nuclear secrets from maralago.

I wouldnt quit either, trump cant possibly have time to be president because he is going to spend the rest of his life going from courtroom to courtroom to courtroom to Moscow.

Also, jared and ivanka need to be arrested and prosecuted… dont let the bagman escape with the cash.


Most of the other runners were careful to only suspend their campaigns, so they could pop up and try to see their shadows.


You don’t think Trump is going to run again in 2028? Or, at the very least, tease that he’s going to run until very late 2027 all the while trashing anyone who isn’t him making it hard to solidify the GOP in any sort of coherent post-Trump party?


This 100% She is betting the house on Trump not being the final candidate come November, for whatever reason, and on her being the only viable choice left. Of course, there’s zero chance she beats Biden straight up, so she’s also hoping something health-wise surfaces for him, since she’d have a lot better shot vs Harris, but it’s really all about setting up street cred for running in 2028.


If he loses again this fall (and I think he will), I think the GOP will finally be done with him, regardless of his cult followers. He will then have lost 2 Presidential elections, lost the popular vote in another, cost the GOP the House in 2018 and the Senate in 2020 and 2022. He’s also cost a number of down ballot candidates their elections. At least as many as he’s helped win. He is a loser who managed to win one election on a technicality. That the GOP hasn’t already ditched him baffles me, but I think his status as a loser will be cemented if he loses again this fall. And doubly so if the Democrats hold the Senate and retake the House. Plus, he will be another 4 years older by then, if he lives that long, which is increasingly looking unlikely.


Trump got a lower percentage of votes in both 2016 and 2020 than Mittens did in 2012. GOP stuck by him. Insurrection – they stuck by him. Sexual assault conviction – they stuck by him. Fraud convictions – they stuck by him. He will never just step aside; they’ll have to kick him out. I think the gop will be the party of trump until he dies


I think it’s because enough republicans do want what he’s offering - an anti-democratic alternative that gets them all that they want, in terms of how they think the country should look. And others thought they could control him enough to get what they wanted, but without throwing everyone off the rails…

Yeah, at this point, yeah… Or the party will split over him, and be out in the cold for a while to come. Which… GOOD.