Nikki Haley resigns as U.N. Ambassador


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As always, the regime’s response will be “great, now we can appoint someone who really hates the institution and longs for its destruction.”


UN Ambassador Nikki Haley might well be the only person in the Trump administration you actually like.

Nikki Haley is exactly the kind of reasonable looking and sounding member of the GOP who says things that sound almost decent from time to time and will make a good production out of standing up to the less savory elements of her own party in purely symbolic terms, but when it matters she stands with Trump et al and supports the absolute worst positions for our country.

Make no mistake, the Haleys, Flakes, Grahams, and Collins of the world are the most dangerous fuckers out there, pretending to be something other than what Trump is propagating, while enabling and benefiting from it as they laugh all the way to the goddamn bank. Fuckers all.


Thank you.


I think I liked it better when there was only one “maverick” in the Senate. Hypocrites, the lot of 'em.


So, you have to wonder whether this resignation is on account of whatever Trump is about to announce (previously with her), or something entirely different (like, calliing Dr. Ford’s accusations a hoax, for example).


Thank goodness Bill Cosby is in a state prison and can’t be nominated for this one.


No one resigns a position like that without a good reason.

What terrible thing is she getting ready to do next?


Quit before she was purged post mid-terms.


Edit: “Haley told reporters she would be campaigning for Trump in the 2020 election, and would not be running herself.” -Qz



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this is a really bad sign that stuff is about to go down

and if the dems don’t get the house come november, omg we are so f-ing doomed with the ego and power drive that will happen, it will be insane and all the protests in the world won’t stop or change it




Don’t worry, the GOP has plenty of raping misogynists (and pedophiles) for Trump to choose from.


All the likes!


With John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani otherwise occupied, it looks like the next UN ambassador will be either Joe Arpaio or Sebastian Gorka. Unless Ann Coulter wants the job, of course.


Kanye? Rodman? Trump’s makeup artist?






The fact that any of those are genuinely possible is proof that this might well be the darkest timeline.


How about Miller? That oughta go over pretty well.