Billy Porter and Stephen Stills trippy DNC closing number

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Y’all might want to skip the first seven hours and pick up the tune at 7:05:10 or so. Just sayin.

oh, dear…

Hopefully the message of this song, written as protest to a war that Democrats voted for based on a blatant lie, energizes all of the Democrats at the convention who voted for the last war based on a blatant lie.


Billy Porter put out his version of this song months ago, but it is fitting that they chose it.


Anybody here remember Ted Mack?

i wasn’t expecting this at the end, and it felt so perfect to me. it made me happy. billy porter is amazing, and it was nice to see stephen stills, too. we had just watched that movie about Laurel Canyon the night before on Netflix, so it felt like serendipity to see him again last night.

This. Was. Hilarious.

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