Bituminous rain

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That worker better be careful, that motorist might stop and sic his bear on him, unless he has a tiger behind his seat…

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From the title, I thought this was going to be about rain carrying coal powder, and not some dickhead roadworkers not following safety protocols.

Imagine actual coal in rain, how absolutely flammable that would be. Glorious.


Bituminous rain.


But I thought only God could change the weather and any claim that man-made events could affect the climate were just arrogance.


“You’re making it worse!”

I had a friend of a friend supposedly kept a bag of partially dissolved gummie worms for on his paper route, and would use them on cars who posed a hazard.

Also one time I drove through a brand new parking lot - which was not marked of - and got tons of shit stuck to my tires. I happened to be behind one of the trucks and called the number on it, and the guy pulled over and scraped it off for me.

In Russia road drives on you.


Bituminous Rain

For a certain kind of person, that video is full of delights.

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Is it flammable? Like, it probably needs something hotter than just an open flame to catalyze; a magnesium flare maybe?

darn…i really really hoped to see adele caught in a flaming rain storm.

Wow! China has an environmental protection agency? Surely it’s defanged and declawed.

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