Bizarre story of woman on Tinder date who got stuck in window while retrieving her poop that she pitched


I should clarify - on a date?!?


This is the kind of story that you tell your grandkid while she/he is sitting on your knee (how “I and Grandma met!”)… then your grandkid hops off and runs away from you.


Not a first date choice for me at least, but sure.



To be honest, I have had worse Tinder dates…


I mean yeah, if they’ve managed to power through a category 4 shit-storm like this, I suspect they’ve got the grit required to make it work.




Straight up Hepburn and Tracy


99% certain it’s this movie:



A gofundme page, really? It’s a $500 window - and she techinally is the reason it is broken, seems to me like she should be picking up the dinner checks for the next few dates.


Yup. She’s a keeper.


no no, that’s why you have to apologize AND bring flowers. :wink:


they better get fucking married after this story!


I know, right. This one is a keeper!


Brings back fond memories of when my Dear Wife and I went a courting each other.


Called the wrong expert


Stool cory bro.


Reminds me of a short film about this scenario

Back it comes


At least it’s one hell of a story to tell your kids.