My Tinder date with ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli


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So about the tea:

From what I have read it is a competition between tea growers, everyone has to grow the exact same variety, you can only produce 8kg total, and it must be picked and processed by hand.

I may have less sense than dollars, but I’d be tempted. One of those once in a lifetime, seize the moment sort of experiences. But I certainly wouldn’t have it after food, your taste buds will be blown out.


I openly refer to myself as a lightweight all the time. NBD.


Anyone else disappointed that it wasn’t @frauenfelder who went on the date?


I was totally excited to read about Mark’s date with Martin Shkreli.

That aside, this stuck out to me:

This kinda surprised me, as I know plenty of dudes who would have no problem admitting this on a date (or ever). But I don’t know anything about this woman, how old she is, how old the guys she’s dating are, etc.

As to the rest of the article - hey, imagine that - sometimes people are more complex than they appear to be based on what we read about them on the internet!


Okay, I can’t be the only one disappointed that the “my” in the headline refers to the subject of Frauenfelder’s blurb and not Frauenfelder himself.


Yes, but does it pass through a Civet’s intestines? That’s the true test of any drink: the Cat-Gut Test.


/me Looks at the two posts directly before yours :stuck_out_tongue:


And will any of us get on the list?


Today in People magazine: “Rapacious sociopaths; They’re just like us!”


Rapacious. I am going to use that in a conversation today, probably with my mother. (But not about her of course)


re Martin Shkreli being human - I hate to sound like I’m defending Shkreli, but I’ve occasionally met people who are actually really nice in person but they sort of don’t process abstractions, or can’t connect the idea of a large group of people to actual individuals. People who take the old saw that one death is a tragedy but a million is a statistic, and that phenomenon in their brains is just turned up to eleven.

Of course the alternative explanation is that almost anyone, no matter how much of an asshole, can be nice for a couple hours, especially if they’re hoping to get laid


[quote=“TooGoodToCheck_, post:12, topic:71711”]
especially if they’re hoping to get laid
[/quote]The big thing everyone needs to think about is that this is his best behavior and he still couldn’t help being a douche at the end by ordering a $120 cup of tea and saying he wasn’t much of a tea guy.


We all posted in the same minute. Sometimes you get the internet bear, sometimes the internet bear gets you.

The larger point is, there is clearly popular demand for Mark to go on a Tinder date with the Pharma Bro. Make it happen, BoingBoing.


Body condom is a mandatory item on that date.


I’m not sure if the 120 dollar tea, or the writing about a date in the newspaper, offends me more. Tinder sure sounds like a great place to meet classy people.


It seems to be an uncontrollable tic of his. See: $2 million on a Wu Tang album and then throwing it in a junk drawer and telling people he couldn’t be bothered to listen to it.


Eh - as much as the guy is a jerk, sorta a low to write about it on the Washington Post. I mean, I’d be pretty upset if someone disclosed what I did/said on a date with out permission.

But hey - we all love tabloid trash and gossip. Keep it classy.


The important thing is to make sure no one else has the opportunity to enjoy it.


Wu Tang are just as responsible for that.