Black students say Donald Trump had them removed before his speech


I would agree in cases where there is even the slightest disagreement between them and Trump. But can I see some Secret Service troglodyte happily ejecting “troublemakers” he didn’t like anyway, confident that his decision won’t be questioned? Yes, absolutely.


dang, i never get to be one of the cool kids. i’m not on the list, and i’m sure i’ve expressed disappointment in Bb at some point or another. kicks pebble


This one claims to have evidence of some rarefied atmosphere where racism doesn’t exist.

Reminds me of my time spent traversing Erewhon as a yewt.


Aw, such an expressive dog you are! Yes you ARE, aren’t you now!

I think that little guy should be given a job: boing boing’s disappointment mascot.


I think the S.S. is way more professional than you give them credit for. They’re sworn to give their lives protecting people they may vehemently dislike and disagree with, and I don’t know of any instances where one has shirked his duty. I suppose some may have requested reassignment if they found their charge too odious to be able to do their job properly, but we’d never hear about that.

I really doubt it was a Secret Service guy at all.


My initial reaction was “I hope this story is true”, which is kina fucked up when you think about it.

Anyway, it’s one of those stories that will make national news if it stands up to fact-checking, and I’ve learned that it’s a good idea to take a pause before reacting to those


No they’re no BloodGaurd, just fallible humans. Elsewhere on BB find a S.S. person grabbing a photog by the throat and body-slamming him for being 18 inches outside the press parameters established by the Trump campaign at a Trump event.

Given authority it will be abused, just humans.


Oh come now, they’ve been in the news several times recently for shirking their duties.

Maybe you’ve seen too many Clint Eastwood movies.


Does that mean that Drumpf will be assassinated by one of them?


Yes, that comparison has come to mind for me too.


Possibly, but I’m afraid you’re not doing the Secret Service any favors by using that particular abbreviation.


But the guy the putative trog works for is Black; how screwed will he be when his real boss finds out he’s been pushing around Black students?


For some reason I feel like the most appropriate response to his comment is the sad trombone noise.

I’m disappointed in you.

Especially since this isn’t even the only time this week Trump has had a group of black students kicked out of a rally. In this case we’ve got eyewitnesses and video that back up their story. Trump’s campaign even acknowledged they were asked to leave - although so far they’ve given two different versions of the story. One, that they weren’t the ones to ask them to leave, and two, that they did ask them to leave, but only because they were being disruptive. Given that they were kicked out before the event started, that second explanation doesn’t even make any sense.


What do you mean it doesn’t make sense? They were a group of black thugs, gathered together in some kind of street gang, getting ready to go all Black Panther and such. Of course kicking them out before they started committing white genocide makes sense!

(it’s pretty scary how close satire has become to reality with this shit)


That’s what I keep reading, which made me wonder if @L_Mariachi used S.S. on purpose? Well, if the neck-grabbing thug handle fits…


The sheriff said that they were being disruptive because someone used the F-bomb and that is illegal according to Georgia law. I looked it up and despite having been upheld by the Georgia Supreme Court, the law he’s referring to is very clearly a violation of the 1st Amendment. The video I saw included someone swearing only after they were being forced out. But the fact that they didn’t arrest any of them for breaking the law (and then congratulated themselves to the media in “showing restraint”) indicates to me that he appreciated the opportunity to eject them at the command of the trump campaign and was happy to use any excuse that sounded law enforcement-related to support the decision.


The Empire never ended.


The [sad, terrifying, fucked up, reprehensible, immoral (just pick one)] part about this is that this speaks to the hearts and minds of many of Drumpf’s supporters. “Christ, what an asshole,” doesn’t begin to describe this situation.


Yeah, I’m continually dismayed, however much I’m not surprised, that simply quoting Donald Trump should have the effect of dissuading any rational, moral person from taking him serious as a candidate, yet there are so many people for whom his quotable statements are like trophies of ignorance and hate that they want to proudly repeat.


Can we go back to the simpler and less violent times when white supremacists were content to hold a sleep-in at a wildlife refuge?

Because totalitarian behavior should not be acceptable on the campaign trail, let alone office.