Black truffles contain 'bliss molecules' not unlike those found in cannabis

So on Christmas Day (already, yes, where I am - get with the times peeples) I discover that very omelette, each salad, each ‘chasseur’ dish - I’m, like, eating baby dolphins / ponies / humans??

Jesus wept. I am a DNA cannibal.

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They quit adding diacetyl to popcorn after that guy died a few years ago from huffing it. Which suits me, that intense fake buttery flavor always made me want to gag.

A shot glass of liquified farts could be made to taste delicious if you dilute it in enough melted butter. Just because you use an overpoweringly desirable condiment doesn’t mean the food it’s going on is worth eating.

It can be, but it’s always polite to tell people in advance…

I would definitely NOT start a fight with any of the chefs I know. Not even for free truffles. Those fuckers are scary, man…

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