Blondie fans: Here's Deborah Harry's old screen test for the 1980 movie Union City


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I loved Debbie Harry in 1980. (1981? 1982?) But I think I would have passed.


IIRC this used to be on Night Flight fairly often.


The TIME Magazine review was far more positive than “lukewarm.” Similar reviews from the LA Film Festival (sold out) and screening at Cannes were also positive. This was the first US independent film picked up by the new cable movie networks (Cinemax) and distributed on video (first by Columbia, then later by Fox Lorber) licensed through a little known indy distributor, Cantina Blues Films into global markets.

Eddie Lachman was the DP. Everett McGill was a lead. Chris Stein scored the film. It was (and still is) a pretty nice little film. Who am I to cry over spilled milk…


Not spam, just an endorsement.

Night Flight is now available in streaming for your nostalgia fix.


God she’s wonderful. I’m going to find and watch this immediately.


B movie with some damn fine actors.


I thought she was great in Videodrome


I feel that this trailer inspired a number of David Lynch’s movies.


someone’s got some incredible footage in dismal def that probably won’t work in high def which is a shame


I was almost sure it was a very young Lynch.


My layman instincts suggest that the trailer looks and feels very 1940s. But what do I know?


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