Bloomingdales suggests you intoxicate your lady friends for Christmas

What are the holidays without alcohol and a smidge of rape? At least according to Bloomingdales


Ok first off a man’s best friend is his dog. he’s actually telling the wife that he spiked the dog’s eggnog. This is also why the dog is now dead.
and the wife says “hah hah hah John you idiot, good luck explaining that to lucy and little john-john!”


We’re very sorry that anybody noticed!

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Wait, aren’t they publicly counselling the commission of a crime?

Isn’t there some sort of law thingie to invoke?

I would say that this is basically what a lot of what clubs and parties are for and that people should all just stop, but as someone who hates large groups of people, loud music, flashing lights, too many social interactions going on at the same time, strangers, too much alcohol etc., there really is nothing that would make me happy being in a place where people dressed like that.

On the plus side, lots more people now know that Bloomingdales is still a thing.

Frankly, I only get upset when my best friends DON’T put rum in my eggnog. Go ahead, do it when I’m not looking. I’m rolling the joint.


Don Draper strikes again.

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It’s a little disturbing too that everyone’s first thought is this will result in rape. Ethics of spiking eggnog aside, there’s more than one reason to do it.

Hell, it could be his rival in the ad. And he’s trying to get her to act stupid at the company party so he get’s the promotion. Or she’s his sister, and he hates her. Wants her to piss herself in public, then pass out so he can draw on her face.

My point is: there are a multitude of possible nefarious reasons. Stop obsessing over sex.


I can’t remember the source of this, it may have just been witty tweet, so thanks whoever said this originally, but: "If you think a girl has friend-zoned you, she’s probably actually why-the-fuck-is-he-still-talking-to-me-zoned you.

Definitely, that was my first thought. “I know you want it.”

Text of ad: “Spike your best friend’s eggnog while they’re not looking.” [Emphasis theirs]


I heard a version of this last week (Christmas music in Starbucks already dear god why) with the genders of the singers swapped. It does not make it less creepy.


Agreed. Once you’ve heard it, you can’t unhear it.

Musically, however I do so love the song; the counterparts, the harmony, the syncopation. How does a thinking man separate a musical hook from the creepy undertones? Can I still like the song and abhor the message? Is it less creepy in a kid’s movie?

(ETA: of course not…worse.)

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I just change the man’s lines to things like

:musical_note: Don’t look while I’m mixing your drink :musical_note:

Openly villainous is less creepy than creepy.


Absofuckinglutely. I saw it immediately. Not only is that dude a dead ringer for Alan Thicke, the posing of these models very much calls out the video.


Can you imagine, though, if the song had originally been written with the genders swapped? It would have been “omg crazy needy bitch, the man’s got things to do!”



Thanks, that was awesome. I’ll really miss that show.


I’ve seen gender swapped versions of it, but they have been played quite differently. Like, there’s a trope of an inexperienced man who gets nervous around women, especially women who are attracted to him, right? That’s how it was done, so the man is presented as “low status” man being overwhelmed by the sexual advances of an attractive woman - basically a wish fulfillment fantasy for nerds.

Your dismissive attitude isn’t constructive. Are people overreacting? Maybe, but the ad is still not well thought out, and in poor taste. If you don’t agree with people’s opinions that’s quite alright, but that doesn’t change the fact that the ad is not a good one. And casually insinuating spiking someone’s drink is not something that should be defended.