Bomb squad called in after jogger finds "hand grenade" BUTT it wasn't actually that

Looks like a croissant to me…

Please never take me out for a breakfast treat!

Sounds like either way, something that you don’t want to touch…

Er… that doesn’t appear to have the flared base characteristic of a grenade-themed butt toy. From Grenade Butt Plug Blue Medium – :

It looks like a model of a grenade, full stop.

I can see why the jogger was confused. Used correctly, either a grenade or what they found could make someone explode :wink:

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/slowly backs away from the internet.


I’m pretty sure I know how it got there.

Depends on what you like as a breakfast treat!

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I’ll bet in Germany, no one thinks it odd to find what might be an old hand grenade out in the woods.

Wonder what percentage of the population there and in Belgium, France etc have had encounters with old munitions of one sort or another on country walks or even just digging in the garden.

Underrated headline, btw. Immediately guessed and got a good chuckle out of it. 5 stars.

… Now I have Electric Six’s “I’m the bomb” playing in my head.

I think you’re actually pretty close.

I think it’s the squeeze bulb from an inflatable (sex) toy


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