Bonnie Tyler is going to sing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' during Monday's eclipse

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Good god, how “Who Cares?”


Go Bonnie. :slight_smile:


Inquiring minds want to know, will she be singing the literal video version? Cause that might be worth hearing.


Bonnie Tyler is going to sing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ during Monday’s eclipse

The Rebel State of California thanks Bonnie.


First, why would you go on a cruise to watch the eclipse? For what I’ve heard one of the best things about experiencing an eclipse is the effect is has on the wildlife. Not much wildlife at sea.

But maybe an eclipse at sea has it’s own charm.

But I really can’t fathom why you would want to watch (and listen to) anything else than the eclipse during this special moment? You have a once in a lifetime chance to experience a very special event and you spend it watching some faded star singing her nearly forgotten hit song?

Oh well, humanity never ceases to amaze me.


This will be twice in a lifetime for me, and all the other US/southern Canadian GenXers on the BBS! Last one was in 1979, and my whole elementary school was outside looking at it through pinhole boxes!

[We should be so lucky for her famous #1 hit be forgotten. How many times do you suppose we’ve heard that song since it first hit the charts in 1983? Too damned many times, that’s how many.]

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Those guys in the video.

With the eyes?

THEY looked at the eclipse.

Be careful out there Monday.


I’m hoping for the Dan Band version:

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Literal Videos are so much ‘awesome…’


Total eclipse of the AAAAaaaaargghhh!!! :dizzy_face:



And then there’s the cover versions

Apparently I was not showing local pride by not liking it when it was in the UK charts (Nicki French was born in Carlisle). Fuck that, Utah Saints were far better.

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Too bad the eclipse won’t be passing over Norway’s most famous kitchen appliance band …


Mobility and a pretty good eye for weather. The ship can be positioned with the least clouds, ideally none. On land, one might not be able to travel. “Great American Total Eclipse” might be “Great American Traffic Jam”.

My location is showing “Partly Cloudy”. So not beat yet!

The sea is the last wild place

Well for one thing you can’t very well move a luxury hotel to be underneath the zone of totality, but you can put a shipload of vacationing tourists there.

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That’s fucking awesome.

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It really is.

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Clearly, this is what should be played. :disappointed: