Book "Fillmore East" reminisces about legendary lost NYC rock venue in interviews and photos

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This sounds amazing.
I wish there was a time machine so I could go back and forth between San Francisco and NYC in the late 60’s to the late 70’s to catch the music scenes in person.
I was too young living in the Bay Area to catch the one. I didn’t start seeing shows till 1980 and didn’t have a car till a few years later so going into the city didn’t come till like 1984.


Wow, I saw U2 on that same tour as well, except I saw them at a crappy venue in New Zealand, where they were still considered sort of “underground” and didn’t get much of a crowd.
They were quite good though. Or maybe it was in 1983.


They really took off after 1984. In particular, when Under a Blood Red Sky was released in late 83, then the concert film, that really helped, too.
Can you imagine being at the show at Red Rocks? Would have been amazing. Except for the rain.

I bought Boy and it seemed like the future of rock ‘n’ roll at the time. October was a disappointment, but War was amazing.
Like all bands, they peaked and became old and boring. Such are the ways of music.

I have to be honest, I have been a fan all along. I think they have some records stronger than others, of course, but I’ve liked pretty much everything they have put out. I saw them multiple times over the years.
We saw them on the Joshua Tree anniversary show as well a couple years ago - was a really good time.

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Yeah, I get that. There are an awful lot of worse bands you could be a fan of. :slight_smile:

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