Bored kid walks away from fence seconds before a car smashes through it


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“Something” told him to move at that exact moment! Therefore angels are real and my specific interpretation of the Bible is correct.


I’ve always wanted something like that to happen to me so that I could effusively thank Satan’s protection on the nightly news.


Is the red sphere the angel threw around him to protect him from flying debris? I saw Violet do something like this in The Incredibles, so I know it’s possible.


Less proof of angels than it is proof of assholes. The myth of the BMW is again substantiated.

I have a limited number of medallions that contain a lock of that child’s hair. For the low, low price of fill out this credit application you too can be protected from german engineering run amuck.


Bored kid suddenly not bored anymore.


And then flash your soothing, warm smile with insanely long canines.


He is thereby disinvited from the boredom thread.


Basic Instructions


It is not inconsistent with the presence of a Guardian Angel, so there!


Mightn’t G.A. have pressed a thoughtful toe to the BMW’s brake pedal? Who’s looking out for the driver? Won’t somebody please think of the assholes?


I’m a hardcore atheist but Oh My God!


But what a gift this video is… If ever that kid gets depressed he just needs to watch this video. Imagine the impact it’d have on your psyche.


Was the guy in the keffiyah on that viral vid a few weeks ago who wasn’t hurt by the pane of falling glass also saved by “guardian angels”?


Guardian angels? Bah! More like vigilante children with psychic crash-causing powers. See how slowly he ran away at the end? He KNEW he was safe because he MADE IT HAPPEN. He was just fleeing the scene of his crime.

Also, the fence was totally asking for it. You don’t make a fence like that and put it out in public and NOT expect it to get crashed into. Clearly, the car had reasonable expectations of consent, here, and the fence is just trying to get it trouble for something the fence really wanted the whole time.

Also muslims.

(mic drop)


Ah - see how we took an “oh wow, that was close” video, and click baited the comments with the guardian angels comment?

Also, I think I agree with Daedalus’s assessment.


Lightpost for the save!


This is proof that you can’t hire good hitmen anymore!


Ah, a fellow Tom Cruise fan. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not exactly what I was thinking, but sure. Can I hook you up to my e-meter and take a reading?