Bow before The Duke

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Very fine review. And yeah, very often, significant others who are reticent to play games, wipe the floor with you when they finally agree to play. Of course, for a true gamer, this makes you want to play with them all the more.

I agree with your praise of The Duke and think it is a wonderful game for thoughtful non-gamers (whatever that means, but of course, you know what I mean). I have found that abstract games of this ilk often appeal to this class of player. My wife, like your own, often stifles at playing some of my favorites Euros, largely because of the complexity of the rules. It is not that she can’t handle the complexity, it is just that she finds these games somewhat overwrought.

The Duke appeals to my wife and like your wife, she excels at it. I would also commend you to give Tash-Kalar a try. We prefer it to The Duke, but was are, admittedly, in the minority. In Tash-Kalar players place a move chits upon a board in order to “summon” certain figures, each with unique abilities. Though different than The Duke, they two games remind me of one another. While Tash-Kalar’s theme and core mechanic are not as approachable as those of The Duke, I have found that both games appeal to the same types of players.

I will definitely try out Tash-Kalar and let you know what we thought of it. Take care for now.

Couple of things:

  • Did you steal my cat!?
  • That looks like a lot of fun!
  • Lastly, I now want to go set up a bout of Ticket to Ride

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