Boy hugs Spider-Man piñata instead of breaking it


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What did you expect? The Spider-man piñata had just saved the kid from Doc Ock piñata.


Once got my kid a happy face pinata. It was absolutely the cruelest thing to watch children bashing into the smiling yellow face.


Aren’t kids supposed to be blindfolded when trying to break a piñata?


I like the grin of the older kid at the end. In a true older brother fashion he’s probably thinking “Can’t wait to see his face when I get my turn beating the shit out of Spiderman-pinata”.


That was good. :slight_smile:


I think his older brother was proud of him.


Adorable. But you can imagine how this is some awful psychological experiment. This kid’s favorite hero is Spiderman. He probably has his own costume or at least pajamas. And here he’s asked to bash Spiderman, who is on the ground and built to exactly the kid’s size.

You’re supposed to choose a pinata that you’d WANT to destroy. I mean, do want to train this kid to see Spiderman in Times Square and hit him with a stick?

No. You go, kid. Question others all the time and do what feels right!


Not after the third time dad got batted in the balls.


And it’s not even Miles. Kid’s got heart.


I wonder how J. Jonah Jameson will spin this on the front page of tomorrow’s Daily Bugle.


“Spider-Man Attacks Young Child With a Bat!”


“Liberal Scum Are Teaching Our Children to Worship Terrorists!”


“Spider-Man Seen Making Inappropriate Contact With a Minor!”


“Wall-Crawler Threatens Diabetic Child With Sweets In Secret Hidden Compartment!”




“Brave Child Bludgeons and Chokes Masked Menace!”



“Viral Spider-Man Video : HOAX!”


ohhhh. . . . my “spider sense” is tingling!