Brace yourself for these "sexy Bernie" Halloween costumes

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Well, it made me laugh!

It’s all incredibly stupid, but also hilarious to see what they can sexify at this point. I actually have a costume concept in mind to sexify, but haven’t had time (or opportunity) to put any work into it.


I feel like this is a costume most people could put together themselves with out buying it.


i mean, he may have been handsome back in the day, but i don’t know how large the segment of the population is that finds elderly people sexy in that way, but i’m guessing it is small.

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It’s funny because that particular costume only has any chance of being identified if the wearer happens to be sitting in exactly that position (and frankly requires the Bernie reference photo to be sure). Otherwise it’s just “gray top with mittens (and mask, which people might be wearing anyways)” which is…? Any other “sexy Bernie” costume would be completely unidentifiable without a reference photo.

I think this has reached the outer limits of the concept, as it runs into the problem that “sexy costume” versions of things have to be identifiable as versions of things to begin with to work, and mostly this wouldn’t be.

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I need new glasses. I read that as “sexy Barbie” and I though “Well, it’s a bit late for that, isn’t it? That’s sort of the whole point.”

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