Brainspore going dark for a while


No biggie, I just have some personal and professional obligations that require more of my attention over the next couple of months. Message me if you want to meet up in the SF Bay Area or need some emergency commentary. I’ll probably check in around the holidays.


Take care. We’ll keep your seat warm.


Right on; godspeed.




No BBS? Why that’s unpossible…
We will still be here when you get back.



Be seeing you.


Troll patrol will be short handed for a couple of months.


See you on the other side, dear brainy one.


Love this idea.


Hope all turns out shiny for you.

Just in case I would be gone if you come back: it was nice reading your posts. And since you are in the bay area, tell @japhroig they are still missed here.


Safe travels, and best wishes, brainy-kun. You’ll be missed, but 3D world needs you more. Stay safe!


Be young. Have fun.


Looks like gracchus is going to win the heart race then~

Thank you for all your thoughtful, well-reasoned posts!


Take your time!


Hope all turns out well. Take care of everyone, and we’ll see you around the yule log!


Keep it real and we’ll see you back around here soonish!



No, it’s be gay do crimes now!




Are they also gay, cause that’s part of it.