Whither SmashMartian?


Anyone else notice that since we got him to take his picture, nothing has been seen of @SmashMartian? I didn’t even know that Martians had souls.

Why is a humanoid figure walking on Mars?

When was that?

Also, yes, I’ve been wondering where our Martian friend has been. Haven’t seen him around for maybe 3 weeks now…


Actually his last post was May 3, and this post was quite possibly (it’s been deleted) the underwater selfie he took.


Maybe he got in trouble with the missus for showing his visage on the public web?

I’m going to just pretend that he’s gotten into some kind of pickling fever, or is out on holiday…


In a similar vein, I was wondering what happened to @Humbabella, who’s been quiet since March. I enjoy reading her posts too.


Yes, I have been missing SmashMartian. Have been wishing him well, whatever he may be doing.


I noted his absence within a week of his disappearance, he was one of the mutants I interacted with the most. I missed the “underwear selfie,” though.

I respect that people need time off sometimes. Mr. Petersen left for something like 6 months pretty recently.

We miss you, sir. come back when you’re ready, no questions asked.


“Left”? More like “left everyone hanging”, right @Donald_Petersen?

@Humbabella has a new tiny human in her home, I understand.

Our Finnish Friend, @Raita, informed me she was well, but working on things.

I do hope @SmashMartian is doing fine. We do so lack the authentic voice of sentients of (green) color around here.


Never gonna let me live that down, are ya?

I may never leave you alone again, OtroMiguel.


They do eat time and energy as well as food. :persevere:


Beautifully put. We gain a lot from communicating as a group, don’t we?


They eat food? How do you get them to do that?

At least @Cowicide is back. Haven’t seen much of @teapot recently, is he banned again? (Edit: yes, yes he is)

I, too, miss @SmashMartian (not least because he was on here as much as me), and @raita, and @Humbabella, and @catgrin.


I’m living on the ban edge.


While we are lamenting these posters, who I likewise miss though hope simply have better concerns right now… would this also be a good place to welcome back @wysinwyg, who I’m happy to see here again after a half-year gap?


Huh, I’m Livin’ on a Prayer.

As someone who self banned, there are excellent reasons. Meaty subjects, beloved by mutants, are harder in free form text. They take more thought and energy. So I hope martian is taking a break simply to refill the batteries.

But regardless, cat pic.


Why does no-one tell me these things? That document won’t update itself, you know.


As an aside, I really want to get temp banned for a WTF reason. Like Too Much Forced Alliteration, or Egregious Cat Photos. Or transforming all of falcors warnings into palindromes.


Wow, really appreciate it!

I didn’t really understand why I stopped posting for a while, but this got me thinking about it. I think I felt stuck in some non-productive habits of discourse and needed some time away to break them. Hopefully now I can be more patient, kind, humble, and charitable. (“More” is a pretty low bar, though.)


Hrm. I highly doubt I could get bot-permission for something like that, but it would be awesome!


I dare say It would be a wonderful thing!