Brands sticking with Pride

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The title indicates that we could see the brands but it seems to be a link to a paywalled Rolling Stone article. Can someone suggest where to find the brands that support pride?


Here’s a nonwalled version:


According to Boebert there are no brands.

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It is always the language of hate from Beobert.


Yeah. I wonder what her answer would be if asked, “where did you go that you’re coming back from?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Reminds me of the whole MAGA thing. If we lefties or environmentalists want to improve the country, we’re painted as unpatriotic, “they don’t think it’s a great country!!!”
But their whole slogan is assuming it isn’t great, which is the one accurate thing they say, but for all the wrong reasons.


I had been wondering if PetSmart had stopped advertising on FoxNews, and given the tenor of FoxNews’ tweet against them I’m going with “yes”.

Their whole shtick is to spread fear in order to gain power. The more fear and chaos, the better. So there is no reason to let anyone solving the issues because it’s the bread and butter for their whole scam.
Those fascists understand fear and violence are what lead them to power so they will do anything to prevent the opposite to happen.
Can’t have a population in peace and thinking rationally because it will lead to taxing the riches, their patrons.
Through Tromp’s 4 years, rolling back regulation, the tax cut, the pandemic, mass shootings, and rolling back of covid emergency measure, it’s clear who own this nation.
As George Carlin had said
###It’s A BIG Club & You Ain’t In It!


Taken at EPCOT on Saturday:

They’ve got pride flags all over Disney Springs, too, and their usual pride merch where they donate proceeds to the local LGBTQ+ groups, who, frankly, need all the help they can get right now.


i know this isn’t really on topic ( i guess i’ll give companies a cookie for doing the bare minimum once a year to support their queer and lgbt customers ) but mentioned in the article was this:

The Los Angeles Dodgers, after uninviting a charity drag group to their Pride Night due to pressure from right-wingers, then re-invited them and announced a “Christian Faith and Family Day.”

dear buddy jesus. they really want to dig themselves a hole don’t they? they announced a “christian faith and family” event as if to balance a pride event? like lgbt christian families don’t exist? facists don’t get to own “christianity”, and they especially don’t get to own “family”. i can’t even.


Yeah, they’re using all the wrong f words. I can think of two more appropriate ones for the audience they’re catering to.


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