Brave man releases wolf with paw caught in trap

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That’s really horrible, those traps seem very inhumane… and holy balls of steel i would not be able to release that wolf like that guy did.


The question is, did he set the trap himself?

Like this guy who set a trap for coyote and caught a timber wolf:


He was hoping that his act of kindness would result in a wolfpack owing him a favor.


Free the Wolf in all of us.


What a fing hero. The wolf figured he was there to kill him, but once he was released he was not going to attack.

Very weirdly, this reminds me of some Hope for Paws dog-rescue videos I’ve seen, that have a twist that shows something about the difference betw dogs and wolves. HfP traps stray dogs in CA, and some dogs when trapped lash out like they’re fighting for their lives. But often when one of the rescuers is able to put a hand on the dog’s head, the dog will immediately relax. Some of them don’t need cages and sleep in the front seat of the car on the way back to the rescue or vet. behaviorally speaking, its rly striking how even feral dogs (which not all these dogs are) will gravitate to human beings.


The guy acts like he really knows what he’s doing, so, just a guess, but I imagine he’s quite familiar w/ trapping and this situation generally. Anyway, if I’m ever reincarnated as an animal and get stuck in one of these things, I want this guy to be around!


I can barley believe these sorts of traps are even legal anymore.

But then I think about it for a moment and I can totally f’ing believe they are still legal.

What I do find impossible to understand is that people use them. How can you possible not feel the pain and terror those animal suffer being caught in one.

I can barely take it when I have to use a live trap and see how terrified the animals are being caught in it.


Right? On the click-through, there are dozens of trap & release videos at least. This seems to be a hobby for some people.


That should have been a two-person job, but the other guy was probably like “Sorry bro, I need to get some video footage of the wolf attacking you once it’s released!”


WTF is wrong with people? Hunting (and eat what you kill) I understand. These assholes are just sadists.


The wolf did snap at him at first, but it seemed to figure out that he was attempting to free his paw, and seemed to relax a bit.

It appeared to end well for both parties, It looked like the wolf was able to put his full weight on that paw, although that could have been adrenaline numbing the pain response.

I also would have wanted to help the wolf, but I doubt I would have the courage displayed here.


It’s infuriating to see this type of cruelty inflicted on innocent wild critters.


Hooray! Compassion!

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That is one of the most courageous acts I’ve ever witnessed.

If karma exists, this man is due…

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I only watched The Grey once, but that favor probably won’t include a free pass through their territory.:thinking:

Good on him for letting it go and I hope the wolf will be OK. But with a serious leg injury like that and going into winter… Its doubtful. Those traps cause serious damage. It won’t heal up overnight.


Traps and pack animals can be weird. My SO had a group of horse owner dogs that ran the property together. One day the Basset Hound got caught in some discarded barbed wire fencing. The other dogs turned on the trapped one. Fortunately, a human intervened, and after a recovery stint, the pack is back together.


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