Brawl in Turkish parliament


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There was a time I used to laugh smugly about these parliamentary brawls, thinking that similar donnybrooks (including this admittedly awesome one) were safely in America’s past.

I don’t do that anymore.


“Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Watch AKP take on the RPP in a no hold barred legislative brawl! SEE! Right hooks and meeting minutes read! SEE! Roll calls with scissor kicks! SEE! Ground and pound with best constitutional legislation voting on the planet! That’s this Sunday at the Istanbul Terrordrome (formally The People’s Parliament Building).”


But does it look like a Renaissance painting?

(Ukraine, 2014)


I think CSPAN’s ratings would skyrocket if Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, were to haul off and slug Mitch “The Tortoise” McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, in the jaw every once in a while. They could even make it pay-per-view and raise some extra cash for the government.



Be nice if We The People could participate in that. The line formed would circle the Mall about 37 times.


needs moar metal


Wow. The fella at the back looks like he’s trying to twist that old guy’s head off.


This is a much better way to resolve conflict than sending armies of minions to kill each other while the heads of state have no skin in the game.


After there’s an attempt to unlawfully topple the government, what better response can the head of state make, than to lawfully topple the government?


They are amateurs compared to South Korea.


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