Massive brawl in Parliament of Uganda includes impressive chair-catching


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The calm narration of the reporter really lets this piece shine for me. I need that man to narrate my morning routine, when I try to get ready in the morning …


I like that look: black suit, red tie, red fez.


Yeah, the boy’s a time boooommmbbbb…

Also, this looks like and alternate version for the video to Run the Jewels/DJ Shadow’s No Body Speak.


I wonder how it’ll be written up in Hansard? (Parliamentary record.)


It’s the guy that jumps up on the table and busts out his Michael Jackson moves that gets me.


A somewhat strange form of cardio. First time I’ve seen a mike stand used as a weapon. Much more serious than a cue stick, also much less likely to break.


Judging by Hansard, something like this:

“Grave disorder having arisen, the Speaker suspended the sitting”.

Rather anodyne and no help at all in working out what actually happened.


I saw that too! It was like that Moonwalker Sega game.


Even more impressive is the tabletop spin move at 3:14 as pointed out by Trevor Noah. Oh yeah, it’s on now.

“When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way,
From your first cigarette to your last dyin’ day.”


Trevor Noah had an awesome segment on this on TDS.


Lightweights. Lightweights the lot of them. They need to take inspiration from the great democratic tradition of the US. Now there were some fights…
Okay, you no longer have at each other with hickory sticks, pokers, tongs, and knives. But you set the standard.


You know he’s secretly always wanted to do that, and just snagged the opportunity.


Sometimes I can’t help but enjoy the dryness of Olde Engishe


There have been recent fights in the South Korean parliament (past 20+ years) and recently in the Ukrainian parliament. I am sure that no one was picking a fight with Vitali Klitschko, who was a Ukrainian MP until recently.


Personally, I’d be ok if we implemented a Thunderdome style of legislation.


The US senate is about one hashtag away from doing this.


…includes impressive chair-catching"

That was the committee chair.


Best thing on BB today.


Is your morning routine as exciting as the Parliament of Uganda?