Brett Kavanaugh pressured into quitting his job as lecturer at Harvard Law School


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Could they get Skwee to fill in for him?


But how will he pay for all the beer? He likes beer.


I’m sure he could walk into many bars and have people offer to buy him a beer…cuz he’s a patriotic "Murican, just like them.


Good on the alumni for taking a stand on principle here.

As usual for the newcomers and established BSers who’ll try to paint this as censorship…




After that display of bizarre behavior in front of the senate panel only a total lunatic could consider Kavanaugh as a fit candidate for any judicial office…and of course a total fucking lunatic liked what he saw in his little mini-me wannabe. The more often I re-watch that performance the more apparent I believe it was for a targeted audience of one. kavanaugh has no business making decisions regarding any other matter ever. He is a moral cripple and I hope more of his gravy train jobs cease. It would be a pleasure to see him having to support himself on a minimum wage job.


Harvard just doesn’t care about donkey dong Doug.


One position left unfilled by Kavanaugh, one more to go. Two, if you count his current judgeship, from which he has disqualified himself by lying under oath to the Judiciary Committee.


Wouldn’t committing to teach that course be a tacit admission that he does not expect to be appointed to the Supreme Court anytime soon?

I know a lot of educators have to take on side gigs to make ends meet but I never heard of someone moonlighting as a SCOTUS Judge.




A beer? He’s gonna need more than that. Not sure if you heard, but he really likes beer.


The Open Society and It’s Enemies is a good read.


Now, if Berkeley could do the same with their professor that advocates torture. It’s been 14 years that this monster has been teaching.


Or, that he expects to be confirmed (like daddy don said) and he won’t have time or need to teach.


Good news is, I bet Anheuser-Busch is dying to pick him up as a tour guide.


Boo Fucking Hoo!


He likes beer. I like beer. I like beer. I like beer. He likes beer. He likes beer. He still likes beer. I still like beer. I like beer. Beer.


I like how so many right-wingers are talking about how this accusation “ruined his life.” If not making it onto the supreme court constitutes a ruined life, nearly every single person on earth has a ruined life. Worst part is, while I now have some dim hope, I suspect he will in fact be confirmed. So his ‘ruined life’ is a week of discomfort.


To parse it further, he needs to correct the passive voice. He ruined his own chances. AKA shooting yourself in the foot.


I think Brett used the lyrics to Have a Beer With Fear as an outline for his adolescence. It must be tough being blind to satire.