Brexit means the UK will shelve the EU Copyright Directive (for now)

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I am sure that the creators of Brexit will happily come up with an even worse solution.


I keep seeing this “10 MEPs said they’d got confused and pushed the wrong buttons” which I think fully expands to “10 MEPs wished to disavow their votes so they said they’d got confused and pushed the wrong buttons.”


Although to be fair, that would be quite difficult. Then again, this is a country that tried to introduce an age-checks on porn system for a number of years after pretty much everyone told them that it was impossible. And we’re still going ahead with Brexit.
So yeah, you’re probably right.


They will still find a way, though ignorance and/or cruelty. I feel like I am about to be involved in a car crash and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

I want to wake up to find out it is January 1st 2016 and this has all been a nightmare.


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