Brexit wins: Britain votes to exit the European Union

Aaaand gone. If they wanted to get rid of that pig-molester, there was surely less damaging ways to do so.


Resigning in October, so we have some time to prepare for the transition from pigfucker to Boris.


Retirees across the country are opening their newspapers and smiling contentedly at the result. They contemplate what they need to buy from Sainsbury’s today.

Working people across the country are wondering how this will impact their jobs or their ability to find their next contract. How it will affect the exchange rate for their family holiday, that they work all year for.


If I export, I can make more money. The shorter the shipping distance, the cheaper the freight, the more competitive my goods will be.

Fuck Britain, what have you done?


Fucking. Hell.

I…I’m dumfounded. I really thought this would go the other way.


Well, I woke up to find I am no longer European, I have probably lost 25% of my pension, and 52% of my nation would sacrifice their economy, reputation, and children’s futures just to stick their tongues out at the foreigners. It will take twenty years to undo this, and I may not live to see it happen. But in the midst of this supercell storm cloud is the world’s tiniest silver lining - Cameron is stepping aside to make room for our very own bonsai Trump, Boris Johnson.

Oh, hey, is that this month’s copy of ‘What Monastery’? After you with that, please?


I’m no economics expert but I don’t think it will be the catastrophe (for the UK) media is portraying it to be. It’s probably a bit more shitty in the short term but in the long term it will be ok just not as good as it could have been.

For Germany and others this will probably work out fantastic. Frankfurt is probably right now cackling with glee. The second largest economy in the EU hampering itself by leaving … can’t think of a scenario where France, Italy and Germany are not profiting from it.

I do think even those that voted remain can blame themselves. The UK nurtured a decades/centuries old superiority complex over continental europe. This is the result.


My condolences as your german cousin go to all reasonable Britons that didn´t want to fuck uptheir future just out of spite and petty nationalism.

I am a Frankfurter and I am not gleefull. The rent here is allready too high and will go through the roof now.


As a friend of mine posted on twitter

for her this is the beginning of a very uncertain future - she’s living outside of the UK for over 15 years (so she wasn’t allowed to vote) and no one knows what will happen in and after the EU/UK divorce battle


No problem for the new “immigrants” from London soon settling in Frankfurt. They’re used to high rents and housing prices. :smiley:


Sucks to be a native.
Hey, as so often when the Britons went abroad!


Thanks for that.

Ah, well. A lot of the UK never did get the European idea. Being an island seems to do something to their heads. We must have been a pain for the federalists with out special pleading. I expect things may run a bit smoother without us. And I hope we will be back one day. But, for the record, 48% of us, and including some older people such as myself, aren’t monumental jerks.

Heigh-ho. Back to work, I guess…


I can only hope this result will galvanize opposition to the nationalist, far-right dark energy threatening to tear apart the rest of the EU.


I wish California could vote itself out of this shithole “union” we have here. Congrats to all the wise people in the UK. Why support the nonsense if you have the choice?

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Shouldn’t a vote of this importance require more than a simple majority? It seems almost on the order of amending the U.S. Constitution, something we definitely do not leave up to 50% + 1 of a popular vote.


If she’s living in Germany for 8+ years and is currently employed she can apply to become a german citizen.

Mmm. The point is the number of potential trade nodes - opportunities - has just massively diminished.

I agree on the centuries old thing. It’s sad. The queen herself is German. This is silly.


[quote=“TheGreatParis, post:8, topic:80366”]
1-Throughout this whole campaign I have been surprised by the relatively 50/50 split of the leave/stay factions. I would have thought public opinion would have leaned more strongly one way or the other. It’s a rather monumental decision to be decided by a few percentage points.[/quote]
But the actual regional splits were largely 60/40 - only Wales really approximated the apparent national mood with a result that matched the final percentages. London was 60% remain, Scotland was 60% remain, most of England was 60% leave (but with caveats that the northern urban centres were remain, and Birmingham was 50/50.)
I entirely agree that this is a terrible mandate for deciding such a huge thing - personally, I was hoping for a 52/48 Remain result because that would have triggered a full-scale renegotiation round and perhaps significant reform of the entire EU construct. As someone who is very pro-European, I think this is necessary. But we’ve shot ourselves in the foot and possibly broken it for everyone else.

Indeed. Congratulations President Trump.