Brexit wins: Britain votes to exit the European Union

I guess they can watch John Oliver’s Brexit segment now.

"As Britain gears up to vote in the EU referendum later this week, broadcasters are constantly working to ensure their coverage remains impartial. One such company is Sky, which has this week been forced to delay the latest instalment of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight HBO show. Why? Because it contains a 15-minute diatribe on why the UK should remain part of Europe.

Instead of airing the programme after Game of Thrones on Sky Atlantic on Monday night, like it does usually, Sky has pushed it back until 10:10pm on Thursday, just after the polls close. Social media users are up in arms about the decision, but in reality, Sky appears to be playing everything by the book."

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I suggest a move to Scotland is advisable.


oops, I missed this part.

Though it seems unlikely that the UK will get more time. Longer negotiations are bad news for the rest of the EU, the current system has problems and with the UK half in and half out no one can begin a reinvention process.


It was fairly close, and the strong repudiation of Labour in favour of the SNP since has made the position in Scotland quite clear.


My German in-laws were crowing about it this morning - with the sort of barely coherent rants that are one step away from “It’s the Jews!”. Germany should be afraid - there is a huge amount of fucking insane fascist sentiment bubbling under the surface there.


Brave new world !


Well, this seems appropriate.

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Isn’t this how V For Vendetta started?


Only way to be sure


This should serve as a reminder that there are many things which motivate people other than raw economics. Many things which we ignore at our peril.

If, has been suggested here, the motivation for the brexit vote is racism, then we’ve established two things. First, that a majority of the UK voting public is racist. Second, that telling them they’re all racists is not a winning electoral strategy.


Another Upside for those of us on the other side of the pond: cheaper British beer, although Bass ale will never lose its value as far as I’m concerned.

Early in the day I heard news reports that people were staying away from the polls because of inclement weather. I wonder if that’ll cause some embarrassment to future generations.

“Grandfather, how did you vote on the European Union question?”
“Well, since it was raining…”


I know this is a late reply, but Tory Brexiteers see the EU as an obstacle to Britain trading freely with the whole world, especially rising (or until recently rising) economies like Brazil and China. So Brexit won’t lead Britain to move away from neoliberalism. On the contrary, if we end up outside the single market we will have to replace it with free trade deals with other countries.

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I certainly hope you’re wrong, since the events that led to the current situation in the UK can be traced directly to the unnecessary war started by the last shitty president the US elected fifteen years ago.

God knows what disastrous repercussions the entire world will have to suffer for decades if the US were to elect an even more dangerous and inept asshole than that one.

Hillary, 2016. Save the world.


Tony Blair of course had nothing whatsoever to do with the Iraq invasion (cough Chilcot Report cough).


Starting with those who’ve made a cash down payment to her.


What about in economics? Or politics? Things don’t always follow the pithy rules and tend to be very sensitive to reality…


To be fair… I also think that Trump will be the next president… now.
I didn’t think that yesterday, but I do now. This will bolster the racist/bigot vote, now they see they can actually vote and change the world instead of just protest-voting. Seriously, Canada needs a wall now… :confused:


It seems apropos that “Brexit” is a homophone for “breaks it.”