Brexit wins: Britain votes to exit the European Union

Australia, here I come.

I don’t believe this is real.


On the plus side, we’re about to have a front-row seat to a real-world test of what happens when you end neoliberal trade policies.

All the Trump and Sanders people who are anti-trade will get to see what happens when free trade ends. We’ll finally find out if the “experts” were just blowing smoke all this time as anti-globalization folks seem to believe.


yes. Because wanting to deal with the negatives of “free trade” is really the same thing as racists pissed about refugees not wanting to live in a war zone. Please. put us all in the Trump/Brexit box, because that’s going to help here.


Oh, I don’t mean to say Sanders people are racist or anything, but what happens to Britain will be a good proof of whether free trade is good or bad since that is what is directly under assault right now.

Look, I really don’t care if you agree with Sanders, it’s fine if you disagree, but can you stop lumping us all into the same category as Trump, etc? There is a fair amount of space between the two (and the Brexit supporters).


Not sure if you can get that from someone who can boil things down to being simply “free trade” or “anti-trade”.


“Hey, Social Democrats and Fascists both say that rich people aren’t perfect. They’re all the same, right?”



If they hold the same position on neoliberal trade policies, then yes, they are identical… from a trade policy perspective.


Well, Canada’s bucking that rightward trend, for whatever that’s worth. Not that we’re a global superpower or anything, but we try to be a beacon of hope, at least.


Madness and stupidity!
Here we see a historic event indeed. The event of a whole nation comitting suicide. European leaders, especially here in Germany, allready announced that the Britons will not be touched with velvet gloves in the exit negotiations. The put themselves in a canoe on shit creek without a paddle and we all have to face the fallout now.


Look, I’m not trying to be bitchy, okay, but I grew up in an area that was impacted by “free trade” policies, that had no respect for people, real live human beings, trying to do nothing more than work a job, pay their bills, and feed their families. And assholes like Trump and the people who tout the Brexit do nothing but feed into a narrative that only reinforces these racists divisions already existent in our society in order to economically benefit them. They don’t care about working people and the struggles they go through. They don’t. They only want to divert resources to their own pockets. We can deal with the problems inherent in free trade without blaming it on the nebulous “other” (however that’s being defined).


Rumor is that David Cameron is going to resign.

I’m listening to random local BBC drive time programming. I find them an interesting source.

A live stream of BBC One is up right now too:

I can see it in the US at least.

Wow. Carnage for bank stocks. Barclays down 35%, RBS down 35%. Llyod’s down 27%. Deutsche Bank down 17%. This is as big as the 2008 crash.

Spain proposes ‘shared sovereignty’ over Gibraltar!


Hey - the UK is going to start cosying right up to Commonwealth partners, like real soon! Hugs to you!

Yeah and that’s why they can keep up their “Blame the EU” rhetoric for at least 2 years. It’s gonna interesting to watch who they’ll blame after the negotiations, when the grace period is over and they’re finally out. Possibly Immigrants? Germany still trying to take over the world? France the old enemy? Catholics and the Pope?


Wow. David Cameron is resigning as Prime Minister of the UK.

This was smart. Let someone else deal with it.

Aaaand gone. If they wanted to get rid of that pig-molester, there was surely less damaging ways to do so.