Brexit wins: Britain votes to exit the European Union

Depressing that the most popular choice for PM for remainers is Theresa bloody May.

At least Gideon is fucked.


And from that:

Like an hour after the vote passed he’s there saying, “Oh, that thing we painted on the side of a bus? Yeah, not going to happen.”


Go take a look at Jim Al-Khalili’s twitter feed, he’s been retweeting the responses he’s been getting in response to this (I thought Poe’s Law might apply but seems not. Admittedly, seems to be coming from Trump supporters…)

And also this. People who voted Brexit might not all be racists, but a lot of people are suddenly feeling unwelcome in their own country.


And it turns out that Ukip lied about how much money would go to the NHS.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us now, Nigel? You lying bastard piece of shit.


Tell me about those scheming EU bureaucrats … Hahahaha


Not sure if you’re bothering to read the whole thread, but you might have a look at the further convo on this matter between me and @bibliophile20, just above your lengthier redundancy.

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Just wondering what exactly you are referring to?

I started my reply before those posts. Got side tracked and finished after they posted.


Great guys, the UKIP.


I’m totally buying everything from UK sellers on eBay.
By tomorrow I’ll have cornered the market on mushy peas and blood pudding.

And I’m buying up all their best hats.


I’m Jewish, and therefore, in the eyes of many registered Republicans, either vermin to be exterminated, or a blood sacrifice to bring back Jesus.

And, no, I am not engaging in hyperbole. I have been told, to my face, by a bright-eyed Baptist missionary, that it is my God-Given Duty to Return To The Land Of Israel (I’ve never been there) so that, when the Children Of Israel are Gathered (you could hear the Capital Letters), we could perish and Usher In The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ. And he was jealous, because I’d be at Jesus’s side to escort him down from heaven, and he wouldn’t. Needless to say, I backed away slowly and carefully. But it was distinctly creepy to meet someone whose worldview insisted that my sole purpose in life is to die to bring about the return of his zombie god. So I watch the Evangelical takeover of the Republican Party and shiver in fear, because I know what my life means to them.

And that’s not counting the myriad Trumpian supporters who want to load me and everyone I’m related into gas chambers, ovens, and mass graves.


Obligatory FTFY


Perhaps. But if it had been President Gore he was pushing–instead of a half-wit opportunist with daddy-issues–I think the Brits would have been awfully lonely storming Baghdad by themselves.


Does this fucking idiot even READ?



Yeesh. I have heard some bat shit insane things from evangelicals and Baptists as well, usually during Evolution debates. Just know #notallchristians. I personally have never heard anyone say that, but then again I am in the pretty laid back Midwest. But I know there is antisemitism still out there.

Again, I am not saying there aren’t racist elements in the Republican party. And FWIW, I don’t claim any affiliation with the Republicans, but I do have friends and family who are, which is why I usually like to temper hyperbole, but I do it with them a lot too when they snipe at liberals. I even know some conservative Jews both personally and through some forums. (As well as liberal ones, as my boss example above, she was Jewish, and he converted).

But I honestly feel the increasing rifts are going to be bad down the line. That video I linked above you should check out in it’s entirety. It give credence to what I have felt, but couldn’t put finger on. If you don’t time, then the gist is when there is a polarizing issue, such a politics, with two large sides, eventually the actual arguing between the two sides goes down, and you just have the sides talking among themselves, arguing about just how awful the other side is, adding the the perception of what monsters they are. Sort of a feedback loop. And then when they do engage it is snarky memes.


Ireland is already an independent nation, one that’s relatively important and deeply connected to the EU. Northern Ireland is part of the UK. And from what I can tell the Republic of Ireland hasn’t been too interested in re-unification for the same reason Northern Ireland can’t really stand on its own. Its a political and economic quagmire. Same too Scotland, their independence vote seemed pretty ill advised on economic ground. This though is a pretty massive shift in circumstance. Leaving might be one of a handful of suitable ways to shield themselves from the coming ecconomic shit storm. Hell given Ireland’s location and connections to the US, they might even be able to get some small benefit out of Britain cratering.

I think long term maybe. The UK has benefited immensely by being the anglophone, financial market heavy entry point for non-European markets to the EU. With the UK out some one else can take advantage of that. And there’s precedent. It seems UK intransigence on EU involvement (especially on currency) was at least a small part of what drove the Celtic Tiger thing in Ireland. The really ironic/fucked up thing is now that the UK is leaving the EU, they’ll likely end up going through whoever replaces them in that regard

In the short term, including right fucking now, its already wreaking a certain amount of havoc with economies all over Europe. And given the EU’s recent struggles this could be the start of a total collapse of the concept, which is bad for pretty much everyone.

You’ll want to look into the process carefully. In the past they were pretty loose with the grandfather clause stuff. Largely on the theory that all those Irish Americans would want vacation homes in the Republic, bolstering the Irish building boom (it didn’t so much work out). Now its a little more complex, more time consuming and a lot more expensive. Part of it is the same immigration fears feeding the UK’s bullshit. But a lot of it just seems to be short funds on the Irish government’s part. As the rule is (generally and simplified) that if a parent was an Irish citizen at the time of your birth you are already a citizen, but if a grandparent was a citizen at the time of your birth you are eligible to be a citizen, it seems their now sending people through the standard immigration process more fully. As an example back in the 00’s US the process could be carried out at any Irish Consulate. You made an appointment, they told you what documents were missing. You delivered them. 3-6 months, a rubber stamp and a few hundred bucks. At various points over the last 5-10 years its been only in Ireland, or only in the Embassy in DC (costs of running all those extra offices). My last family member who looked into it found that it would cost ~$2500 in fees, take at least 1-2 years. And required a sponsor in Ireland and multiple letters of recommendation. Among other requirements. At least the xenophobic end birthright element seems to have been quiet for a while, so I don’t think the opportunity is going anywhere.

Its a bit of a frightening precedent, I don’t think anyone watching the numbers would have called it this way. A lot more angry bigoted old people seem to have turned out in the UK than anyone realized there were. Although I think the immediate cratering of the UK’s economy and the mess and panic we’ll see over the next couple of months could be spun as a direct repudiation of what Trump has been suggesting. His campaign is struggling at best, on a mechanical level if not ideological. And the most recent moments when he’s commented directly on current events have triggered big ol’ dips in his polling. Add to that that the US is a hell of a lot less white and more urban overall than the UK, and The Donald does not and can not conceivably take any non-white demographic and we have a sort of safety net they don’t. It gives me pause, makes me fear, but I don’t think its any more probable than it was yesterday.

It certainly isn’t all Christians. But it surprising you haven’t heard of the concept before. Its central to certain kinds of christian eschatology; and deeply, deeply embedded in the whole fundamentalist/evangelical wing of the faith. Shit it was a massive plot point in the Left Behind series that got so weirdly popular a decade back. And its been one of the key reasons behind the Religious Right and the GOP’s unending, uncritical support for Isreal. Isreal must remain a nation. Jews must return to Isreal. And Isreal must be empowered as a specifically Orthodox Jewish religious state so they can re-build the Temple in Jerusalem. And that Temple must then be destroyed. Which is what triggers the end times. Its all very weird, but its pretty pervasive. Even good ol’ G Dubs supposedly bought into. And numerous Congressmen have mentioned it pretty openly over the past couple decades.

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Well, California is an interesting and diverse state with a huge economy. It supports all the shit-kicker states we share very little with in terms of ideology and in many cases the individual state laws regarding taxes, individual freedoms, etc. I’d be all for a Nor Cal/So Cal split though. They are starkly different already and the general mindset and values of say Los Angeles/Orange County vs Bay Area/Sonoma/Humboldt counties are at opposite ends of the spectrum. We could have a demilitarized zone in the middle of the 5 freeway near Fresno. The real key would be to declare California it’s own country, somehow create a statewide moat, and avoid the good ol US of A entirely haha.


Oh, I know #notallchristians. I’ve had this discussion before, so I’ll just let my prior words stand in this regard:
Continuing the discussion from TOM THE DANCING BUG: Meet ISIS's Newest Recruits:

And on the other point: someone wearing anything supporting Trump is automatically classified as known and active threat to my life. And, since the Republican party voters, in the primaries, have thrown their support behind Trump, at this point, the Republican Party is, as far as I’m concerned, a neo-fascist, antisemitic, misogynistic, nativist, racist, tribalist, xenophobic, and willfully ignorant organization, and will be seen as such until and unless proven otherwise by wholesale rejection of the Short-Fingered Vulgarian.

I just wish that I could be making this stand on pure principle, instead of active fear for my life. I still get routine death threats from Trump supporters for the crime of being a living Jew. You can only laugh off so many posts of “Hitler should have finished the job” or “You’ll make a fine lampshade” or “you look like you need a shower”.

And it is pervasive. You just don’t notice it because you have the privilege of not being targeted by it. How pervasive is it? I’ll point to Tay as an example–within less than half a day after being activated, that twitter bot was essentially an antisemitic neo-Nazi.


Exactly. The Evangelical wing doesn’t support Israel because they like Jews. They hate us on a level usually reserved for balky machines that are too expensive to therapeutically smash–which is all we are to them. Things. Objects. Ones that they feel that, if they do the right actions to, will have the desired output of the return of their zombie god. But not people, or humans, and certainly not sentient, free-willed individuals. Just an object in a category, an object whose actions are not conforming with their desires and thus must be corrected.