Brian Posehn thinks "New Music Sucks"

Well, I did see him backstage at an Anthrax show once, so I guess this explains his reasoning.

You must hate any popular music from the last 20 years or so because almost everything uses Auto-Tune (or Melodyne) to some degree. It’s basically the default in recording studios these days - the kind of thing where you have to ask the producer not to use it. This is across all popular music genres - hip-hop, rock, country, etc.

Usually it’s pretty unnoticeable - just smoothing things out a little bit, not to the T-Pain or Kanye levels (which is also a purely aesthetic choice).


But are you old like John Peel, or old like your parents shouting at you to turn down John Peel’s radio show?

I guess I am old too if I am making that reference.


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