Bride marries herself in lonesome wedding


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Would have been cheaper to have eloped with herself instead.


I’m living in sin! by myself!



If she hooks up with somebody is it cheating?


And could it be grounds for divorce?


Oh ffs…


The Italian government does not legally recognize the self-marriage trend known as “sologomy.”

That might be noteworthy, depending upon how many of the people of that region legally recognize the Italian government.


See first the gays marry then the next thing you know people are marrying themselves or marrying a rock …



I would never settle for someone like me.


What is there to recognize? That the person is… a person? Methinks the state does that already.


Can she now claim herself as a dependant for income tax purposes?


Yeah, my joke is more along the lines of, “How could she live with herself?”



Worse - who do I blame for the condition of my apartment?


Nice compassionate sentiment, there, Robert Spallone; pray you never find out for yourself firsthand.

That said, didn’t a character of Glee do this a while back?


Definitely not the first time I’ve heard about something like this.

Sounds like someone who could definitely benefit from “free” publicity, ayup.

she finally put on a $12,000 wedding gown

I hear wedding gown rental is increasingly regarded as a sensible option as of late. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the supplier was also sufficiently eager for publicity as to offer some kickbacks.


This seems like little more than an expensive act of public narcissism and attention-seeking.


When I met my wife, she was wearing an enormous diamond ring. Much more expensive than anything I’ve ever bought her.

When I asked her why, she told me that she saw a lot of her friends making stupid decisions for what amounted to a party and a ring. When she turned 30, she bought herself a ring and threw herself a party. I was hooked.


I dunno, for $12,000 I’d rather buy some guns and maybe go on a trip. But I guess everyone does retail therapy differently.