Brigham Young professor told not to give fake urine to his students to drink


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Oh, I get it. “Fun way to teach,” he said, not “fun way to learn.”


The jerk had the audacity to hand out fake urine to his students? What has it come to when you can’t even get a decent glass of real urine anymore?


What concept was that, again?


That some people will drink urine if it is supplied by an authority figure.


The lesser -known Milgram Experiment


Haha, got ’em! But I am genuinely curious. In a physiology class, what the heck?


No thank you, I’m trying to cut down.


What the hell happened to Universities? Ten grand a year to BYU and they can’t even give the students real urine? Come on!


It’s all urine pee pee.


It’s in this moment I realize we are the world’s Florida.


My job here is done…


Well. . . it’s at a university named for one of the founders of Mormonism-- they can’t drink, smoke, have premarital sex. . . so I guess drinking urine might fall under the category of “fun” in that case.


Scrolling for the inevitable knee-jerk Mormon joke… there it is.


Yeah, people should just leave those Mormons alone! There’s nothing about their beliefs that’s worthy of ridicule, nope, nothing at all.



Many people swear by consuming their own urine to live longer.

I’d rather die young without pee breath. Personally.


Reminds me of a story I once heard, purportedly a true story from an animator who worked on a Listerine commercial. It seems the Listerine executives gave them a case of the stuff for 3d modeling purposes.

When the video was ready, the narrator emptied a Listerine bottle and filled it with apple juice. He also spilled some on the carpet, so the room was filled with a nice, strong Listerine smell.

Halfway through the meeting with the executives, the animator casually picked up the bottle, pretended to break the seal, and drink deeply. Glup… glup… glup. He says at least one of the executives actually vomited.


first place my mind went too.


… and if you would quit jerking off your elbow wouldn’t hurt so much.