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Finally! A use for Twitter.


Them’s pretty funny - especially Scarlett Johannson!


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The glorious part is when he replies to threats or corrections by simply posting another movie goof.

Teh Neckbeards:



Actually, the Indiana Jones one has bugged me since I first saw the movie. Presumably, the submarine stayed at the surface the whole time, but if it had submerged, even for a few minutes, Indy would have had to let go or drown. Not a brilliant plan!



Pretty in Pink (1986)
Production error

After the story ends with Duckie (Jon Cryer) getting the girl, taking Andie (Molly Ringwald) to the prom, the movie incorrectly includes some additional footage which can be misinterpreted as Blane (Andrew McCarthy) winning Andie back.

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Obviously, he survives because he also has the force, but that isn’t going to be revealed until Episode IX


I’m sure he has swam the 1500 km from Alexandria harbor to Malta in under 12 parsecs before.


This bugged me for years. I originally assumed I had not remembered correctly and the sub had not dived. After all, it is set pre war so there would be no reason to dive and the sub would move faster on the surface under diesel power.

Then I saw it again and they do indeed dive. Turns out they dived to periscope depth and he hangs on to the periscope. It is in the script, but not filmed, or filmed and deleted, something like that.

This still doesn’t work for me as periscope depth is generally the periscope just sticking out of the water, not high enough to hang on to, but there you go.

When I found this out it actually raised another question that I had never considered. How did they get the ark on the sub? Hatches are way too small.


Best not to think too hard or you’ll realize that if Indy had stayed home the Ark would have destroyed the Nazi’s just fine without him…


[please read this in an Eddie Izzard voice:]
Commander: You three - take this crate and load it into the U boat immediately!
Soldier 1: Yes, sir!
Soldier 2: That crate’s pretty big. Will it fit?
Soldier 3: 's true. I don’t think it will fit in the hatch.
Soldier 1: No problem, boys. We’ll open it, take it apart, and put it back together in the storage hold.
Soldier 3: That’s a good idea!
Soldier 2: That’s a shit idea. We have no idea what’s in there. It could be explosives or gas or worse.
Soldier 1: No way. Commander Fart-face wouldn’t trust that stuff with us. Let’s get to work.
Soldier 2 to Soldier 3: He’s got a point.
Soldier 3: Aaallright.
[Soldiers open crate, unload Ark, take it to hatch]
Soldier 2: Whee, this sure is a pretty thing! I wonder what it’s worth?
Soldier 1: Even thinking about what it’s worth is more than your pay grade. Help me get it through the hatch.
Soldier 2: It still don’t fit.
Soldier 3: Is that a lid? It looks like, if we take the lid off, it might fit.
Soldier 2: I can’t reach. Can you get it?
Soldier 3: Fine.
[Soldier three takes heavy gold lid off Ark. Ghosts and light blast out of Ark]
Soldier 1: Aargh! What’s with the light show?!
Soldier 2: Gross! Your face is melting!
Soldier 3: So is yours! This hurts a lot! I told you this was a bad idea!


Aaand following.

I think this was also in the novelization.

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If it were a later war uboat that was capable of using the diesels at periscope depth the schnorchel would also be sticking up, that’s the only reason those subs were able to do that to begin with.

As for the ark in its crate, this is where it’s definitely more convenient for plausibility that the sub didn’t dive as they could have simply lashed it to the deck or stored it in one of the cavities between the outer hull and the inner pressure hull.


To the internet!

Looking at the site, with the very appropriate title, Overthinking it:


There does indeed seem to be a comic version of the script. I see they mention the ark into sub problem as well. Plus there is a photo of Indy double clinging to periscope.

Which really does look silly.


The film seems to be set in 1936. There is no reason for the sub to dive at all.

The precise model of the boat wouldn’t really bother me, I’m okay with there being periscope or anything else, but him tied to it for that distance with no food or water?

I think your idea, lashing the ark crate to the top of the boat, makes a lot more sense and would have worked better as the story. Then Indy could have grab some stuff and climbed into the outer crate and been transported across, reasoning they had no reason to open the crate until the destination.

Clearly Hollywood needs to run screenplays past Boing Boing first.


(Video is cued.)

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