Brilliant video: Wilbur Ross dubbed over Mr. Burns

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Many people have never heard of him before, and think this was his worst moment.


I’ll say it again, Wilbur Ross was a Vice-Chairman of the Bank of Cyprus. THE go to bank for Russian politicians, oligarchs and mafia.


I think the interesting thing to note here is how his accent matches up with many US oligarchs, the way accents among British royals who mingle together do.


And you can’t even say any bit was taken out of context - the more of him you listen to, the worse he gets.

Then there’s what looks like insider trading on his part, the $120 million he’s accused of stealing, etc… He’s fractally corrupt - as soon as you look at one scandal, others keep popping up.


True, but I like his early work: buying up coal mines with bad safety records and a list of MSHA violations longer than his yacht, and then pointedly ignoring them until it blew up and 12 people died.

I mean, sure, it’s glamorous to be a money launderer to other billionaire psychopaths, but every now and then you gotta get in touch with your roots and just straight up murder some poor people.


If someone discovered that Ross had a closetful of pelts and furs from endangered species I would not be the least bit surprised.

Yes: a relaxed and slow American-neutral drawl with an edge of puzzlement when discussing the kinds of matters middle-class people deal with on a day-to-day basis. You hear it at a lot of American board meetings and business conferences and from high officials in certain government agencies.


How does the hardship of 800,000 people affect ME?

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With Mr. Burns it has more of a human touch.

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I’m trying to figure if this treatment makes Wilbur Ross’ comments more palatable or more frighteningly obtuse and heartless.

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