Britain's fabulous Brexit song is even better than the Trump Girls Freedom song


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American fascists dress girls to look like women and British fascists dress women to look like girls.


Which is worse?

  • Britain’s Coming Home
  • UKIP Calypso

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We have UKIP and the present Conservative Party so you don’t feel too bad about Trump and the Republicans. Just like we have to have nukes on submarines so the US can go to the UN and say “See - it’s not just us”.

As for leaving the EU, the outers all seem to think they are the most popular girl at the party and threatening to leave and go to a better one will get lots of attention. Whereas actually we’re the whiny, entitled one who everybody else wishes would leave, but knows that she’s the only one who speaks the same language as the landlord, in case he comes to complain.


Can you make that a multiple choice poll?


Is the one on the right Ken Jeong in drag?


Are you implying that continental Europe thinks the UK being Washington’s fifth column has advantages?


Trump Girls still win, 29-22 in overtime.


And in the “Remain” corner


Well, I hadn’t quite understood all the angst until the ladies sang…

“They’ve taken all our FISH and money.”

Grabbing the money is one thing…everyone does it. But when those EU types start hogging the fish, there’s something insidious happening.

Keep singing girls. Save the fish and chips.


We almost went to war with Iceland over fish in the 1970s. The Second Cod War of 1972 (Þorskastríðin). British fish for British people.

Touchy subject.


Final Countdown:

Not everybody in Europe is so thrilled with having the UK around, anyway:


But how can we be sure? They’ve blocked the video in the UK (and I can’t be bothered to work around it.)


Are you one of the lazy, job-stealing immigrants?


I’m worse - I’m one of the lazy unemployed on benefits1 people who are causing the government so much financial trouble. Immigrant? Well, people with my surname first turned up in Norfolk in the late 1060s, so probably yes, for some value of immigrant.
But as a lot of my age cohort keep the Conservatives in power, I’m not expecting to be sent back to Northern France just yet.

1 To clarify; I’m retired with a maxed-out State pension, and interest rates are so low that I pay very little tax on my investments. Which, considering all the tax I’ve paid over the years to support government activities I strongly disagree with, like Middle Eastern wars and nuclear bombs, seems to me like a little justifiable payback.


To use a well known Americanism, I suspect that the rest of Europe think that when it comes to us and the United States, it is marginally better to have us inside the tent where they can keep an eye on us than outside the tent joining with the US in pissing on it.


No kidding on the Cod Wars. I used to live in Hull, famously flattened by V-2s that dropped prematurely while en route to more important targets, but the consensus there was that Iceland’s damage to region was greater. OTOH, I don’t think that part of England is exactly a UKIP stronghold.


Hull was unfortunate, but there are grounds for believing that the slave labourers forced to build the V2s were able to introduce enough undetectable faults into them to make them very inaccurate, as they assumed that they were targeting capital cities. They were so inaccurate that after the War it was discovered that a lot of V2s were targeted on Lowestoft - which nobody realised because they were so scattered.


Oh! I thought that’s what Israel’s nukes are for. Wait, they’re not officially acknowledged, or something . . .


Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be putting pensioners on the Work and Health Programme soon enough.

I’m going to have to apply for PIP later this year, I am fucking dreading it. DLA wasn’t actually that easy to get, despite what the Daily Mail and Express claimed, and now PIP is going to be even harder.