Brodude, possibly inebriated, jumps on moose and rides it


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Possibility inebriated is fast becoming my favorite in-headline descriptor.


Charges are expected when the catch the dude, and they will. Leave the wildlife alone dudes, seriously, being drunk isn’t a defence.


White boys being white boys


He’s lucky he didn’t get hurt. Moose are huge, strong,and aren’t afraid to defend themselves.


Possibly inebriated.

Definitely an idiotic jackass.



Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretti nasti…


No kidding. Instead of humans charging the guy, let a moose charge him and we’ll call it even. If he lives he won’t do it again I’m sure.


That’s nothing, this guy used to ride a buffalo.


We apologise for the fault in the comments. Those responsible have been sacked.


I’m watching the video with an add for Corona above it. Seems to me Moosehead missed an opportunity.


I guess it depends which cultural stereotype you’re most comfortable misapplying. Personally I’m going with “those crazy Canadians”.



The take away lesson I have here is that moose are much less dangerous in the water than on land.

On land they’ll fuck you up. On land they’ll murder your dog.

On land, you better hope you’re encountering a moose that’s used to people because the way they determine if a perceived threat is a real threat is by charging it, knocking it down, and then trampling the living hell out of it. If it doesn’t get up, not a threat!


no shit. Look at their strength!


Still dumb as hell, given that it was purely discretionary; but it looks like catching them in the water may be about the best strategy available for taking on a moose and not ending up horribly dead. On land that would have ended messily.


I am willing to contribute to the kickstarter for this guy to try it on land though.