Do Not Take Selfies With Lake Moose


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I think it’s a pretty good rule to avoid attempting to take selfies with almost any wild animal. The deer in my neighborhood are so accustomed to people I sometimes feel like I live in a petting zoo but I still steer clear of them.


Moose selfies are the new planking.

eta: Not condoning.


So frakking happy they got charged!! Throw the book at them!



Christ, what a bunch of assholes!


I was tempted to suggest throwing a moose at them but that would be cruel and unusual punishment…and even if it weren’t it’s not the moose that’s guilty.


Exactly. Besides the cruelty to the animals by stressing them out it is quite dangerous. Moose are a bit like deranged cows on stilts. They so gentle until they aren’t, then they’re thousand pound wrecking machines.


Reporter on the scene here: Moose tranked and being shipped out of town, 11am local time, Thu July 7. residents spent the week trying to get a peek at the new city pet while driving past on the city’s famous landmark the Albert Street Bridge, officially the longest bridge (one block) over the shortest body of water (a creek). Also recently seen: a porcupine up a tree and various foxes, squirrels and peregrine falcons. Life is good here folks. Come for the moose, stay for a visit.


Do not taunt Happy Fun Lake Moose


It hasn’t done anything aggressive, and conservation experts want things to stay that way so they don’t have to shoot it.

Sure, because that doesn’t sound at all aggressive… /s

“How’s it going, town meeting? I sure hope that y’all are being have in here, because I’d hate to need to shoot any of you.”


A good rule of thumb is to give any wild animal its space, especially when that animal is the size of a small van.


So, it’s OK to take selfies with Strait Moose, eh?


Deranged Cows On Stilts!! That is SOOO the name of my new band!


Minor nitpick: The park the moose is running and swimming around in, Wascana, is urban, not suburban. The lake favoured by the moose starts in the centre of the city and extends out to the main university campus.


This exactly. How f-ed up are humans (or how disconnected from nature) are we that these sorts of warnings have to exist?

Giant death deer on stilts? Harassing it may be a good idea.

Bear? Ditto.

Giant fuzzy tank cow in Yellowstone? SELFIE TIME!

Crap, a regular sized deer can kick your ass, and I’ve been on the wrong side of a 10# cat or a 50# dog too many times to count. Why the hell would it even remotely make sense to get anywhere near a large predator or a ton of angry herbivore?

But yeah, I guess people try to grab alligators and whatnot all the time as well…

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

Added to the growing list of band names…



Ässhøles, surely.