Bruno the bear's tragic demise commemorated in sleeping bag form


A genuine Bearsuit!

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They’re $2350 for adult bears and $2050 for kid-sized bears. If you buy one, Ishizawa would like you to photograph yourself in it

No problem. Photos are $10,495, or $8,950 if it’s of my children.


It’s a rug-skin bear!

(I don’t get how this is a meaningful commemoration, especially since not-dissimilar sleeping bags have existed for quite some time…)

I thought they smelled bad on the outside.

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The price is beyond absurd. You can get what looks to be a profoundly inferior stuffed bear sleeping bag through Amazon for less than 1.5% of the price, or a fairly decent looking orca sleeping bag for less than 10%.

In 2006, Bruno the bear appeared in Bavaria, the first wild bear spotted in the region for 170.

170 what? Months? Days?

You know, Cory, your postings contain an awful lot of errors. I wish you’d read them over once before posting.

No link for the actual story of the bear?

The government (of course) claimed he was blood thirsty, and humans would be on the menu next. Supposedly they at least did try non-lethal means for a while…

From that wikipedia article:

JJ1 was described as bloodthirsty, clever, and fast. Bavarian prime minister Edmund Stoiber referred to him as a Problembär (“problem bear”). Farmers claimed the bear “enjoyed killing,” because he typically killed sheep without eating them. This behavior, common among predators[citation needed], was construed as being caused by interaction with people.

As of 21 June 2006, his kills included 33 sheep, four domestic rabbits, one guinea pig, as well as some hens and goats. Further concern was expressed due to the proximity of the bear’s preferred prey to humans.


Like the bears in 28 Days Later.


Not too bad, if you don’t mind wet Labrador retriever, then bears are not dissimilar in odor. As for eating, I prefer ones who don’t eat fish, but they can be chewy.

  • The more you know.

I think this is a beautiful way to memorialize Bruno. I prefer bears to most people, bears are less random at least and their goals pretty identifiable.

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