Adorable giant teddy bear turns out to be unsettling dream monster


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Is it called John Wayne, 'cause John Wayne is big teddy.


Some surgery is in order.


That friggin thing gives me the creeps.



Lol i think that teddy bear is kind of hilarious rather than creepy


that’s what you call a creepy teddy bear these days?


Is it $110 worth of hilarious, though?


As a joke/gag gift? 100% or rather… 110%


Just waiting for the Slenderbear creepypasta.


I have to admit…this is one of my issues with internet based shopping. You can only gauge so much from photos.


Simple, just cut it open in back, remove most of the stuffing, install a long zipper, and you have a teddy-bear SUIT.


Do you have a 3:1 leg-to-torso ratio?!?


I didn’t say it would be comfortable, but sometimes we must suffer in the service of art.


This seems to be strangely trendy lately.


Totally a thing. I recall seeing a compilation video of people taking giant teddy bears, getting them and using them as costumes/suits. Might have been here at BB



I hear that’s actually a highly specialized fetish, an obscure branch of furry-ism. From a friend. My friend told me.




Take out the stuffing, next year’s Halloween costume