Burger King sued after revoking 'meals for life' compensation


If I ate Burger King, I would be locked in the bathroom for an hour as well, maybe longer.


Fool! He can’t sue! Does he not realize this law and its rule belong to the King and the King alone!


Buying a burger is your consent to enter into binding arbitration with the Burger King corporation. The EULA is right there on the wrapper.


AKA, constipation.


I think I know why the promotion failed.


Wait, the circles aren’t touching, at all…


Perhaps specifically, but generally, no, it’s NOT fiction. Yes, eating nothing but McDonalds/BK/whatever nasty greasy fast food will drastically lower your life expectancy.


But cholesterol is not.


Watching that video I remembered how much I loved that song “back in the day.”


Can’t be “back in the day” if you’re still enjoying it.


Well, I remembered enjoying it a couple of days ago too.


Lots of new science says cholesterol is not the evil we were told.


This is what I tell myself every time I plow through the majority of a pizza in one sitting.

(Okay, it wasn’t. But it will be!)


“So one of those Egg Council creeps got to you too, eh?”


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