Burger King to sell Red Burger


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Mr. Krabs should sue.


The colors are just cornball, but why couldn’t my BK have a squid-ink burger?


In Budapest, Hungary in the mid-90s, there was a kiosk near a transit hub (bus, trolley, train) that was open at 4am, so I’d stumble home and get a burger. They were… red. Microwaved. Meat with filler. And pickled shredded veggies (a cross between sauerkraut and coleslaw, but not as sauer, and no mayo). G-d, I miss those weird things.


From what I know about Hungarian cuisine I’m guessing they were loaded with paprika. Now I’m salivating like a fiend.


How is this not a Communist plot?


If they just make a shade lighter, they can sell it in the U.S. as the Breast Cancer Burger™ with 5% of proceeds going to the Susan G Komen® foundation.


Because clearly they are monarchists.


Wasn’t the black burger tied to Darth Vader?


A gilded turd is still a turd …


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