Burning Man rained out, closes gates on opening day




How long is Burning Man scheduled to run?

Always something I’ve thought would be a cool thing to experience, but way beyond my means to attend unfortunately.


It’s a week-long event, plus or minus, depending on whether you’re involved in setup and teardown for the infrastructure or a big theme camp.


wow so 2 days lost is a big deal


I’m sad for everyone involved.(1)

(1) except Grover Norquist. Enjoy nature’s fickle trickle-down.


Cue waves of Internet schadenfreude from all the people who hate Burning Man because…um…because…fuck, I dunno. THOSE PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT, SHUN THEM


It’s because they didn’t sacrifice Grover Norquist, as the gods require.


They closed the gates because if the desert is too wet for tech execs’ jetstreams to land then the party can’t really get started.


It’s pretty unfair to the 59,900 NON-execs who are just normal people and are way more pissed then you about the turnkey camps.


At least 20 years…


I’m sure he’s sitting in his palatial RV in Reno and having a good time (if he isn’t having someone else sitting in it and he’s waiting to fly in later to the Burning Man airport).


Having been three times and having a lot of friends who go, it is more likely because of this:


Man, you know I’m all about the snark. I hope it fines up and you guys have a blast.


A few hundred meters easily, though it is advisable to stop, drop and roll instead.



Glastonbury veterans are wondering why they didn’t just pack some wellies.


If this is serious:

then he wants to go to Sturgis, too. Probably won’t even bother hauling a bike into the outskirts of town the way the other weekend wannabes do, he’ll just rent one for the event and have it airlifted onto some prime spot in the center of town.


Hopefully he is the guest of honor.

And doesn’t wear any synthetic fibers.


Burning Mogul - at Herb Allen’s Sun Valley conference for billionaires a couple of years ago - looked like a much more interesting event:


Don’t hate the playa, hate the rain.