Busted: Fox host Chris Wallace fact checks Sarah Sanders on air


I’m reminded of something I was told sometime between 6th and 8th grades, that Communist countries enforced curfews by letting attack dogs loose at night. Only later on did it occur to me that it was an improbable task to round up all those dogs every morning. I assume that questioning this would receive a response along the lines of “that’s just how evil they are, they don’t round them up, they leave them out all day, too!”



Video has been deleted. Anyone got an alternate link?


Here’s the original from the Fox News YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rf0cvSTMz_s


Spicer was extremely bad at the job. Sanders is extremely good at the job.

Note that “the job” has never had anything to do with honestly informing the public.


There is a balkanization of media consumption. My sister watches nothing but FauxNews, listens to nothing but Rush on radio. You can try to present her with facts, which she will dismiss as liberal propaganda. Combine that with religious fundamentalism, and it’s like trying to bail out the ocean. Nothing can reach some people, until they are smacked in the face with an ugly reality caused by their own views.


They will blame the ugly reality they caused on Democrats as well.


An oldie but goodie. That was published in 2003, when Bush, Jr, was president, and the outright lying by the right was escalating like mad and seemed so crazy. Who knew at the time it would get orders of magnitude worse.


How disappointing that the video just cuts off like that. I had a bet going with myself that the next words out of her mouth would involve “precious bodily fluids.”


The entire journalism industry cavorted in the circus of the election and enabled the installation of Trump. Then they turned around and pretended to be Serious Journalists by constantly fact checking the Trump administration. And they only learned to do that after all the comedy late night hosts stopped writing actual jokes and just began translating every word from the Trump administration into facts. Fox has simply decided to join the fun. Perhaps they realize that even they can’t rubber stamp every utterance of the Trump administration in the face of Trump’s decompensation.


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