Calgary airport regrets converting disabled parking spaces into "Lexus only" parking spaces


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How do you achieve this level of stupidity? Is there a class you take? The mind boggles.


Yes, it’s called the " Lexus" class.


Damn, yo. I went to a ball game the other night and parking was free for anyone driving a Lexus. This seems a lot worse. It all seems like a very calculated way to make everyone who doesn’t drive a Lexus hate Lexus owners. This marketing push probably won’t work out as intended.


What better way to diversify revenue stream than by monetizing classism?


I’m pretty sure that it’s Lack of Understanding 101 and it’s a required course for an MBA these days.


This is probably more of a requirement.


This is… beautiful. It’s so stupid, so out of touch with basic humanity that it becomes outsider art. I would frame this news story and put it up in MoMA, I swear I would.


I actually almost-ALMOST-feel bad for Lexus. The promotion is a little gross, but no more so than other “feel superior to the plebes” promotions. But they weren’t the ones that picked the disabled spots. All anyone is going to take away from this, though, is “Lexus took over disabled parking spaces as a promotion”.


Sure, the problem is your unyielding commitment to “diversity.”


I… just… what… what… no… fuck… what?


I’d be almost tempted to park in one of those paces just to dare them to tow my car.


I wish there were some near me where I could park my rusty junker IS200.


If you’re looking for something in the “Full Size Luxury (F) Class” I recommend the newly redesigned Lexus® LS 460,™ a model that combines a whisper-quiet interior with luxurious ride quality and classic styling to create a refined and comfortable driving experience for you and your passengers.

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Does Calgary not have laws forcing businesses of certain sizes to provide handicapped parking?


I wonder if Lexus also offers free paint touchups for every owner who finds their car has yet again encountered a carelessly steered shopping cart, or a door opened too vigorously from the next parking stall…

Also, I wonder what kind of cars with stolen Lexus badges tacked on them might get away with parking there.


By law they are required to have a certain number of disabled parking spots. There’s probably something about their placement near the entrance too. (I’m not going to dig up the specific Calgary, Alberta laws to confirm it.)

So, yeah. Tow a car with disabled sticker and see what happens.


I mean…I wouldn’t want to take a spot that should be reserved for a car with a disabled tag (and I live nowhere near Calgary), but what are the enforcement provisions for an incorrectly branded car? Is that a $25 ticket? Is that a tow? I’d like to test that.


I wonder how many mor… huh… people it took to approve of this.