California lake trashed, University of Oregon students suspected


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Clean that camping gear up and give it to a worthy cause.


Does loading the trash into t-shirt canons and shooting at frat/university count as worthy cause?


No, I’m very certain that’s not a “worthy” cause. They’d just put it back at the lake as a not funny sick joke.


Back in my frat days, we had the good sense to trash places anonymously. Operating standards appear to be somewhat amateurish for today’s Greek System Shitheads.

Actually, I’m amazed there are still fraternities. They seemed plainly stupid back in the early 70s…and we bros of that era thought the whole concept was circling the drain even then. It’s actually depressing to think that it remains alive.


What college student abandons expensive tents, coolers, and sleeping bags at a campsite?

I guess the answer is “rich, douchey, drunk ones”, but still.


Not-american here !
Please explain: Aren’t university students supposed to be super-poor and isn’t camping gear relatively expensive ?
Why leave all the stuff like that ? Last time I checked, the average university student would rather lose an arm than his beer cooler…


Ban all fraternities: the experiment has failed miserably.


Students in the Greek system usually have money. That’s how they can afford to buy their friends, you know, by being paid up members of the Greek system.


I can only guess the gear was abandoned because it was either puke-covered or the packing instructions were too complicated.


Dean Wormer will surely put them under double secret probation now!


I’m keeping my fingers crossed for “douchebags abandoned the camp in a futile attempt to escape a deranged serial killer.”


How could they afford to go to college?

  1. Kids are slobs.

  2. Rich kids are even bigger slobs.

  3. Put an ad in Craigslist for “Free, thousands of dollars worth of camping equipment”. A boy/girl scout troop would get a lot of cool things, only I’d worry about inappropriate material. Maybe high school level would be ok, but I wouldn’t want kids dealing with used condoms and such.

  4. I have seen the whole “blow” thing mentioned in every report of this. LOL. Have they never had a drunken bash in the woods?


Shades of the Roanoke Colony. What on earth could have happened to this group?

Over 90 tents…so that’s at least 90 people, one would think, possibly more. Not one person in 90 thought Wait a minute, shouldn’t we maybe take this stuff with us?


Its pretty simple. Sunday AM they woke up hung over, realized they had a long drive, and Game of Thrones was gonna be on.


Maybe a little beside the point, but are we to understand that this fraternity was acquired by another fraternity? Is Zeta Omicron Zeta a holding fraternity? A hedge fraternity?


If the fraternity was smart, they’d try to counteract the damage to their reputation by “volunteering” the members of the University of Oregon chapter to spend a few days cleaning up the area around that campsite and the lake and spin it as cleaning up their mistake and giving back to nature.


These little shits better not bitch about their student loans.


…AND clean up their stuff and donate it to a charity!